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Attilio Borra— Italy

Attilio Borra— Italy

Chef Attilio was born in Brindisi a city in the “heel” of the Italian boot, he grew up in a family with a long tradition of food makers. It was a yearly ritual for him and his family to make tomato sauce, olive oil, and cured meats like prosciutto, salame, coppa, and pancetta, delicious products they would store and eat the following year.

These traditions passed on to him a strong passion for cooking, that he perfected by attending a Chef school in Italy that taught him all the cooking techniques, and he acquired a Maitre diploma where he learned the proper table setting etiquette and learned the proper procedures to perform in front of the client like cleaning a fish or carving and slicing meats.

Since the early 1990’s he worked in several Italian restaurants in the US located in Louisiana, and Florida.

Today he works in Italy as a Chef consultant for a multinational company that produces equipment for residential and professional use. His job allows him to travel throughout the country visiting retail stores, restaurants, and hotels doing cooking shows while using the products he represent.

He also provides online services to international clients like cooking courses with a wide range of topics, and the Personal Chef Experience that serves as a guide to the client on how to recognize the right Italian ingredients to purchase and through a live video call he teaches how to cook them properly. He also created a format to host an online Food Team Building session for companies, aimed to create a stronger team spirit among their employees through the cooking practice.

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