Makayla Findley—Twins & Son Baking Co.: Gering, NE

Makayla Findley started her baking business on the front end of a pandemic. In her small Western Nebraska town in January 2020, she had no idea the impact the Coronavirus would have on our everyday lives.

After two years of food blogging, she was brainstorming how she might sell her food. Her priority has always been her role as a wife and mother. She named her business after her two-year-old twin girls and newborn son.

She launched the business in March of 2020 right as the pandemic reached the U.S. and grocery stores went bare. She awoke at dawn every Saturday to wait in line, praying for ingredients. She was determined to get a quality product out to a community that was starving for something positive in their lives

Her packaging includes a simple note on top that says “I’m praying for you.” Her customers need hope and faith, and so does she. Her roots are in the cookie dough.

There is nothing original about browned-butter or chocolate chip cookies, but they are the perfect comfort food. She was raised in a large Midwestern family, where meals were around-the-table casseroles, and a Tupperware jar of cookies on the counter.

She still uses the church cookbooks her mother wrote as a reference. Makayla’s mother was the “cookie lady” growing up, and she’s honored to carry on that legacy.

A year in, Twins & Son Baking Co. is a thriving home baking business that produces cupcakes, cookies, custom cakes and other goodies that are bursting with flavor. Browned butter, salted caramel, and fresh fruit mixed into buttercream flow from the kitchen weekly.

In the words of Christina Tosi, “‘What could you do all day and not get sick of?” Makayla’s answer was simple: Make cookies.

fb: @twinsandsonbakingco