Austin’s El Naranjo Collaborates with Guest Chef from Mexico for Exclusive Dinner

El Naranjo, Austin’s traditional Mexican restaurant, helmed by 2022 James Beard Award winning Chef Iliana de la Vega and her partner Ernesto Torrealba, welcomes Chef Christian Bravo to Austin for an intimate Yucatecan dinner. Chef de la Vega and Chef Bravo will introduce a curated five course dinner celebrating the food and drink of the Yucatan Peninsula on August 31, 2023.

El Naranjo Hosts Exclusive Dinner with Guest Chef from Mexico

Chef Bravo, Co-Host of “Hombres en la Cocina” (Men in the Kitchen), corporate chef at Crabster in Progreso Yucatan, and Co-Owner of Bravo Catering, will fly in to join Chef Iliana de la Vega for one night only. The Chefs have come together to create a five course meal inspired by the flavors of the Yucatan Peninsula, which includes ingredients such as blackened dried chiles, Yucatecan squash, and papaya.

Chef Bravo is thrilled to bring his Yucatan knowledge and mastery to El Naranjo. “Collaborating with Iliana and her team to curate a menu highlighting the food of Yucatan is extremely special, and I hope El Naranjo’s guests enjoy the flavors that we’ve put together,” says Chef Bravo.

The Yucatan Peninsula extends into the southern Gulf of Mexico and is a vibrant region filled with ancient Mayan temples, magnificent coastal views, beautiful beaches, and sacred cenotes. Its cuisine has Mayan and Spanish influences and unique flavors. While born in Puebla, he continued his studies in Michelin star restaurants throughout Spain, where he worked in Coque restaurant in Madrid and Las Golondrinas in Girona. Bravo moved to Yucatan with similar goals as Chef Iliana de la Vega to spotlight the sophistication, elegance and diversity of Mexican cuisine.

“I am so excited for Chef Bravo to join us in the kitchen to bring our vision to life to offer our guests the best of Mexico’s coastal cuisine and the deep culinary traditions of the Yucatecan region,” says de la Vega.







Yucatecan Dinner Menu

First Course

Ceviche de atún, recado negro, Piña asada y hoja santa

Tuna ceviche, black recado (blackened dried chiles and spices sauce), roasted pineapple and hoja santa leaf

Second Course

Camaron al coco con salsa de Piña y habanero Y Kibi frito, pescado curado, ponzu y mayonesa de xcatic

Coconut shrimp with pineapple and habanero sauce and Fried “kibi” (ground pork and bulgur wheat), cured fish, ponzu, and Xcatic chile mayo

Third Course

Polcan de brisket, cenizas y crema con trufa

Yucatan style brisket corn masa gordita, ashes, truffled cream

Fourth Course

Ribeye al recado rojo, plátano macho en texturas, calabaza frita yucateca y demi glace estilo escabeche

Ribeye with recado rojo (achiote and spices) plantain, Yucatecan squash, and escabeche style demi glace

Fifth Course

Dulce de papaya, helado de guayaba, albahaca y queso Edam

Papaya, guava ice cream, basil and Edam cheese


Vegetarian options available*



El Naranjo

2717 S Lamar Blvd STE 1085

Austin, TX 78704

Purchase tickets here.

$125 per person

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August 31, 2023

5:00 – 9:00 PM