AUTEC, the nation’s leading commercial robotic sushi machine provider, continues its 20th Anniversary celebration by launching a brand new food concept with Manpuku of West Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. Using one of Autec’s most popular sushi robots, Manpuku will be the first restaurant to offer omusando, the “rice sandwich.” Omusando will be available for take-out and delivery starting Friday, October 16th, at 5pm – and the first 20 people to order via phone or walk-in for take-out with the code AUTECManpuku20 will get their omusando meal for free!


Omusando – from the word “omusubi,” Japanese rice ball, and the American word “sandwich” – replaces bread with the rice and nori (seaweed) that normally accompany sushi. AUTEC created the omusando concept for their ASM865A sushi robot, which makes up to 1,300 rice sheets per hour, to inspire restaurant owners and chefs to continuously innovate rice-focused dishes beyond sushi rolls and burritos. AUTEC’s sushi machines enable chefs to rapidly create the perfect omusando base: an evenly spread and precisely portioned rice sheet that can be filled with almost anything for endless meal possibilities.


“We’re thrilled to partner with Manpuku to bring this exciting new food concept to life and add to the extensive menu options using our sushi robots,” said Taka Tanaka, CEO of AUTEC. “As the only restaurant in Los Angeles to offer the omusando, Manpuku’s customers will be among the first to experience this emerging food trend – and Manpuku’s trademark sauces and savory Japanese barbecue dishes are perfect to showcase the broad variety of delicious omusando options available to restaurants.”


Manpuku will launch the omusando concept with three options, using their signature and most popular meat dishes as the fillings, available for $30 (plus tax) and available via pickup or delivery (Manpuku call-in, Postmates, UberEats, GrubHub, and DoorDash). Diners can select two out of the following three options for the omusando meal, which includes sides of BBQ sauce, cabbage dressing, spicy sauce, fried burdock root chips and black soybeans (edamame):


  • US Wagyu Yakiniku Omusando: US Wagyu BBQ, leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tsukedare (BBQ sauce), and mayonnaise
  • Spicy Miso Skirt Steak Omusando: US prime outside skirt, leaf lettuce, jalapeño, tsukedare (BBQ sauce), and mayonnaise
  • Beef Filet Cutlet Omusando: Filet mignon cutlet, cabbage, spicy miso sauce, and mayonnaise


Manpuku’s version of omusando was inspired by the affinity L.A. foodies have for burgers and appreciation for premium ingredients. The dishes not only celebrate Japanese cuisine and culture, which is at the heart of Manpuku, but also represent their aspiration to have “Yakiniku,” directly translating to “grilled meat” and known widely as Japanese barbecue, recognized globally as one of Japan’s national dishes.


“We are very excited to partner with AUTEC as their first omusando restaurant partner,” said Yuta Takamatsu, General Manager of Manpuku West Hollywood. “Both AUTEC and Manpuku want to share the best of Japanese cuisine and culture through our product offerings and services. This partnership is an opportunity to truly celebrate these ideals while adding a fresh and completely unique twist to our menu.”


For more information about the AUTEC x Manpuku partnership, AUTEC’s 20th anniversary, and osmusando recipes, please contact Maggie Davis,



AUTEC is a commercial sushi robot manufacturer supplying equipment to food service businesses and academic institutions around the world with aesthetically pleasing robots that produce high-quality sushi. AUTEC’s goal is to make high-quality sushi accessible and affordable to anyone, anywhere by designing robots to assist all levels of sushi chefs and various types of businesses to successfully run at a lower operational cost.



Manpuku, which means “to be happy with a full stomach” in Japanese, opened its doors to hungry customers in Tokyo more than 60 years ago. Their quest for quality led Manpuku to develop their beloved signature dish, Beef Tongue with Tokyo Negi which is slices of fresh tongue seasoned with salted minced scallions. Today, Manpuku is a premier chain of Japanese barbecue (yakiniku) restaurants and continues to bring the best tasting dishes and the most enjoyable dining experience. From Manpuku’s legendary tongue meat to thier U.S. Kuroge Wagyu (black hide Japanese beef) any choice made at Manpuku will undoubtedly fill both hearts and stomachs.