ShangHai Taste, the cherished Las Vegas hotspot renowned for its delectable Xiao Long Bao and pan-fried pork buns, is poised to bring their dining experience closer to you with a new location in the heart of Southwest Las Vegas, precisely at Rainbow and Windmill. Opening its doors in mid-May 2024, this Southwest Las Vegas hub will immerse locals in the vibrant flavors of Shanghainese street food.

“We’re thrilled to bring the vibrant flavors of Shanghai street food closer to even more Vegas locals,” expresses Shanghai-born and James Beard-nominated Chef Jimmy Li. “The Southwest location at Rainbow and Windmill will serve as a culinary adventure hub, offering authentic dishes crafted with the freshest ingredients and cooked with passion.”

Shanghai Taste Expands to Las Vegas and Dallas

This isn’t merely a local affair; ShangHai Taste is poised for a national debut. In March, the spotlight turns to Dallas, Texas, as ShangHai Taste makes its national debut, bringing the enchantment of Shanghainese cuisine to the South. Look for the Dallas Grand Opening to be the first week of April. As part of an ambitious expansion plan, ShangHai Taste is eyeing key destinations such as San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and Tampa, promising a nationwide journey of bold flavors and unforgettable dining experiences.

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Experience the authenticity, witness the artistry in its open kitchen, and savor a diverse menu boasting Shanghainese delights like scallion pancakes, crispy buns, and a variety of flavorful dumplings. At ShangHai Taste, their motto is simple: “You order them, we stuff them, we steam them, and you eat them.” Join them for an exceptional culinary journey.

About ShangHai Taste:

ShangHai Taste is an award-winning restaurant specializing in authentic Shanghainese street food. Co-founded by James Beard-nominated Chef Jimmy Li, it has quickly become a Las Vegas favorite, known for its delicious flavors, fast and friendly service, and dedication to quality. With these expansion plans, ShangHai Taste is poised to enjoy a national profile among food enthusiasts for its celebration of the authentic ingredients, flavors, and dining experiences of Shanghai.