Baroness Chocolates is proud to introduce the superior taste of CLEAN CHOCOLATE

Baroness Chocolates is proud to introduce the superior taste of CLEAN CHOCOLATEIn order for chocolate to be labeled “Clean Chocolate” the ingredients must be pure from nature and all aspects of the production must be considerate of the workers and the environment. The production from seed to sale must be transparent and verified. Ultimately, the end product should empower health, generate joy and cause no harm.

At Baroness Chocolates, we produce only CLEAN CHOCOLATE. Our premium couverture chocolate bars are high in flavonoids, handmade by artisans, certified organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance. What’s more our products are gluten free, soy free, and do not contain peanuts or GMO’s. 100% of our chocolate ingredients are pure from nature: pure vanilla, pure cocoa butter, whole cane sugar, whole Muscavado sugar, Agave nectar, real butter, real cream and natural sea salt. Our dairy is hormone free and comes from ethically managed farms. And our amazing chocolate comes from cocoa that has been fermented for an extra long time to ensure the deepest and richest chocolate flavor.   Baroness Chocolates strives to produce healthy, wonderful tasting and satisfying chocolates that everyone will enjoy.

All the cocoa in our chocolate comes from cultivated sustainable farming in  Brazil, Peru, São Tomé, Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire and Cameroon

Eating CLEAN CHOCOLATE is much more than just consuming food that is good for you in its most natural state. It is about doing everything ethically and nutritionally possible to care for yourself, your loved ones, the food producers, the farmers, the earth. It’s about becoming fully informed about the consequences of our dietary decisions. It’s about enjoying the best flavors by consuming what nature provides while infusing integrity and passion into the final product.

Billy Macy and Kaye Wong began Baroness Chocolates for the love of chocolate.  We believe chocolate soothes the soul for whatever ails you.  We believe chocolate should be a generous dessert and scrumptious that is fun to eat and should create happiness and excitement.  It’s ultimately important to us that all components of our chocolate bar production be joyful and harmless.  We didn’t invent chocolate or the chocolate bar, we just made them better. We hope each bite of our chocolate makes your world a happier place.

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