Cortes Tequila and Mojito Beers are Slated to Reach the U.S. Market in 2016

Cortes Tequila and Mojito Beers are Slated to Reach the U.S. Market in 2016Cortes Tequila and Mojito Beers will be welcomed by the United States in 2016. This is exciting news, because the US will now get to experience an expansion on the Mexican spirit-inspired beers that have already been on the market for a little while. Large brewing corporations like Anheuser-Busch, Heineken, and Dos Equis, have already begun combining the Mexican style spirit – namely Tequila – with their beers, in order to reach a wider range of consumers. This is evidence that there has been a shift in the consumer’s palette, namely in the younger generation of consumers, those who are choosing Mexican beers and this agave spirit over the big name beers. It has certainly drawn the attention from large breweries, and over the past few years, they have tried to get in on the massive and highly popular tequila market. Breweries have been making efforts to create new recipes that combine tequila and beer. Another example: Colorado. Breweries in Colorado have experimented with their beers, by aging them in barrels that were once filled with the agave-based spirit, tequila. The percentage of consumers choosing Mexican beers and tequila over other products has been increasing. Last year, 2015 was declared a year of growth regarding these agave-based spirits and their relationship with beer.

Now, from the largest independent brewing company in Poland, Van Pur will be introducing to the U.S. their fresh and innovative Cortes Tequila and Mojito Beers. While there are other tequila beers on the U.S. market, Cortes Beers have the upper hand with their dynamic duo of the Tequila and Mojito Beers. Already, these beers are available in other parts of the world. They export their high quality products to over 70 countries in Europe and across the globe. They guarantee the highest quality in their beers, and with the invested technology, Van Pur is able to create and innovate the beer market. This Polish Beer producer cares immensely about the consumers, what consumers desire and what consumers look for when selecting drinks for any occasion. They have taken a bold step into the Mexican beer and spirit-styled market. With the Cortes Tequila and Mojito Beers, Van Pur seeks to reach both men and women. By simply adding another option, people can gather around and drink either Tequila beers or Mojito beers. This production has all been motivated by palette that seeks it. By taking this step toward an-all inclusive product, Van Pur hopes that a wider community will consume Cortes Tequila and Mojito Beers, with no one’s thirst left unquenched. It is coming to the U.S. this year. As communities begin to stretch out of hibernation, and into the early grasps of summer, Cortes Tequila and Mojito Beers are crisp, refreshing, cool and exotic beers that will live strong in the hands of community.

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