Bauli Officially Launches Lne of Italian Baked Goods In the U.S.

Bauli Officially Launches Lne of Italian Baked Goods In the U.S.Bauli, the leading creator of authentic Italian holiday cakes and pastries, is announcing its official launch in the United States, available at retailers, including: Fairway, Whole Foods and Duane Reade stores nationwide. Bauli has been the confectionary leader in Italy for over 80 years and its line of products will introduce traditional Italian desserts to the U.S. market, guaranteeing the highest quality of natural ingredients to customers.

Rooted in Verona, Italy with history dating back to 1922, today, the Bauli family business maintains the same dedication to excellence that it started over 80 years ago. Bauli prides itself in having combined the skill of homemade recipes with high technology to bring authentic Italian baked goods and holiday products to consumers. With respect for traditions and ancient recipes, Bauli products are oven baked and made with no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors and no genetically modified ingredients and are Kosher certified. The Bauli family’s guiding principle has always been a desire for excellence.

Bauli’s core products include Il Panettone di Milano (3 sizes: 17, 26 and 35 oz), the traditional and most famous Italian Christmas bread, loaded with candied citron, lemon zest and raisins, Il Pandoro di Verona, pan d’oro or Golden bread, a traditional Christmas bread from Verona that’s baked in a special star-shape mold, sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar and made with real eggs, which gives it the beautiful golden color, and its everydayCroissant treats which include Chocolate CreamVanilla Custard, and Cherry Jelly. In addition to these core products, Bauli is also offering its specialty Italian treats for the U.S. including Il Budino, a moist cake with delicate chocolate filling, exquisite chocolate icing and dark chocolate decorations, and La Bavarese, a soft pandoro dough with delicate custard cream and sugared cocoa filling. Bauli’s authentic products are the ultimate holiday hostess gift, arriving in a beautiful packaging, Il Panettone and Il Pandoro are an awaited Christmas tradition at many family tables throughout Italy, uniting the love of family, friends and food. Bauli products are a delicious Italian tradition that’s perfect for sharing with family and friends just like in Italy, and great for making delicious recipes including Panettone Pudding and Orange Ricotta Panettone ‘Shortcake’.

About Bauli:

Bauli is the creator of authentic, Italian confectionary goods associated with shared moments of sweetness and pleasure, joy and tradition. With sales in over 60 countries on 5 continents, the Bauli family business maintains the same dedication to excellence that started almost 80 years ago. The Bauli line spans a wide range of sweet confectionaries and includes panettone, pandoro, specialty cakes, croissants, cupcakes, and more. If you want authentic Italian desserts and holiday treats, you want Bauli.