Tanduay Asian Rum Participates in Bartenders Bash 2014

Tanduay Asian Rum Participates in Bartenders Bash 2014This summer, Tanduay Asian Rum participated in the BarWars LLC Bartenders Bash, one of South Florida’s longest running hospitality expo events. The multi-date, multi-venue affair featured a series of flair bartending and mixology competitions where guests were exposed to product demos, new brands in market, bartending techniques and recipes.

Tanduay sampled two signature cocktails—The Blushing Geisha made with Tanduay Gold, Finest Call Mai Tai, Ginger Real and Finest Call grenadine and the Asian Colada blended with Tanduay Silver, fresh pineapple juice, Coco Real and Finest Call Basil Infused Syrup—to close to 500 attendees between the two days.

The first round of competitions started on June 17th at the Ocean Manor Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Making its way South of the state, the event wrapped up with the Flairbar competition finals on June 27th at Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort in Miami, FL where Discovery Channel was filming for its new show, Next Round slated to air early next year. During the filming, Tanduay featured Rebel House’s Banana Hammock made with Banana Infused Tanduay Rum, coffee syrup, and fresh citrus.