Benny’s Original Meat Straws, recognized by WSJ as the leader in gourmet straws

Benny’s Original Meat Straws, recognized by WSJ as the leader in gourmet strawsBenny’s Original Meat Straws, a brand
of DAS Foods, LLC, recognized by the Wall Street Journal
as the leader in gourmet straws

Benny’s Original Meat Straws, recognized by WSJ as the leader in gourmet strawsPalmyra, PA (May 28, 2015) – The DAS Foods, LLC brand, Benny’s Original Meat Straws, takes the Bloody Mary cocktail to the next level. The “ultimate garnish”, a uniquely spiced meat snack that also serves as a straw while infusing your beverage with a savory flavor, is the next revolution of the Bloody Mary Cocktail. Inventor of the straws, Ben Hirko of Coralville, Iowa joins numerous large companies in rethinking the use and role of the typical plastic straw. The former owner of a lawn-care company, came up with the idea while he was tending bar over the summer at a local Iowa establishment. The straws were originally made from beef, but Hirko incorporated pork to enhance the texture and allow them to better serve as a sipping instrument.

Hirko is in good company with his thinking. Other companies, such as Starbucks, are marrying specialty drinks with edible straws as well. In April they launched a cookie straw to complement the frozen Frappuccino. These “fun” add-ons to specific beverages give businesses the opportunity to reinvigorate previously launched products by offering a fresh new take with a differentiated message. See Benny’s featured on the front page of the Wall Street journal,, and learn more about the trend of edible and decorative straws in the marketplace.In celebration of this continuing trend Benny’s is featuring a special offer, free shipping on all orders of $20 or more

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Benny’s Original Meat Straws, a DAS Foods, LLC brand, is the ultimate garnish to make a good drink, the best experience. Uniquely spiced and made in the USA, the meat snack also serves as a straw infusing your beverage with savory flavor. The award-winning product is served by the best restaurants, resorts and sports franchises and available in multiple flavors. To learn more about Benny’s Original Meat Straws, please visit

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