Beyond Sanitation – Clean with professional products economically.

By Debbie Hall

The world continues to change rapidly, with the food and beverage industry opening up at a breakneck pace. Cleanliness, while always important, is now a top priority for operators, just like saving money. 

According to Finances Online, 90 percent of guests research a restaurant online before actually going there (Upserve, 2019). In the same survey, 64 percent of guests said that staff taking safety precautions and wearing personal protective equipment is their most important consideration when returning to on-premise dining. (Toast, 2020). SuperFi reports that 75 percent of consumers will not visit or patronize a restaurant with negative reviews about its cleanliness. (Harris Poll for Cintas Corporation)

When it comes to cleanliness and saving money, Dawn and Febreze Professional products from Sam’s Club can help with both. 

For an operator, today’s standard of clean means constant cleaning of countertops, dining areas, serving trays, tile walls, coolers, and windows is a must. Dawn Professional Dish Detergent alone can be diluted to clean all of these surfaces.

In the kitchen, dishes, glassware, silverware, pots, and pans – even those coated with baked-on grease – are no match for the cleaning power of Dawn.

And when you buy Dawn Professional at Sam’s Club, you’ll get it for a great price, but that’s just the beginning of savings, because the product can save up to 6,000 gallons of hot water annually versus private label detergent. The long-lasting suds clean 58 percent more dishes per sink than private label, and Dawn reduces sink changeovers by 35 percent. Paying less for water and heating – along with using less product for better results – adds to the bottom line of restaurants, bars, bakeries, and any other business with a commercial kitchen.

Another thing that stops customers in their tracks? Sticky floors. Dawn Professional Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner, also available at Sam’s Club, offers the grease-fighting power of Dawn in a versatile, multi-purpose cleaner for floors, walls, tables, food-contact surfaces, and restrooms. 


“Dawn Professional has cleaned up every mess that we’ve ever thrown at it, and in our kitchen, the messes never stop,” says Mackie Anson, Cofounder, Joyful Bakers (@joyfulbakers on IG, “Dawn handles every greasy, sticky, potentially staining mess we throw at it.” 

Soft surface sanitizing is important too, with carpets, upholstered furniture and drapes all potentially harboring harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew. Febreze Professional Sanitizing Fabric Refresher from Sam’s Club kills 99.9% of bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacter aerogenes) and prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Along with sanitation, it eliminates odors and freshens with a spray that is easy to use and apply. And it’s refillable, making it an even greater value.

According to Anson, “Febreze Professional keeps our kitchen from smelling like yesterday’s recipes.”

A clean space is critical, especially when reopening restaurants, bars, and lounges to full capacity. And while the pandemic will eventually end, enhanced cleaning practices won’t. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Use Dawn Professional for tables, bars, and dining counter wipe-downs between every customer. 
  • A grease-cutting detergent like Dawn cuts through grime and remove traces of fingerprints on pots, pans, and dishes. 
  • In the back of the house, vent hoods can quickly become greasy and attract dust and dirt. Thorough cleanings finished with a grease-cutting solution will prevent the kind of buildup that can shut a restaurant down quickly following an inspection. 
  • Clean cooler areas daily, including the seals, which are prime locations for dirt and mildew.

Post-pandemic, restaurant owners face stiff competition, not only on food quality, but also on cleanliness. Most customers just won’t return if they don’t feel a space is clean and safe. With versatile products like Dawn Professional Dish Detergent and Febreze Professional Sanitizing Fabric Refresher from Sam’s Club, operators can reduce costs and keep customers coming back.

“Sam’s Club is the best place to buy these products. Sam’s offers great low prices on Dawn and Febreze, along with convenient options to shop in-club or order online for Club Pickup or delivery. Together they help keep our business in business,” explains Anson.

You can find Dawn Professional Dish Detergent at your local Sam’s Club, or visit for a full suite of Dawn and Febreze Professional products.