Blue Bell introduces new Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

Red velvet cake is one of the most delectable foods with its delicious and eye-catching layers of red cake covered in creamy white icing. You might think it can’t possibly get any better. But it can. In May, Blue Bell is introducing Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream, a luscious red velvet cake ice cream with pieces of red velvet cake and a cream cheese icing swirl.

“We’re cranking out a whole lot of Ice Cream to meet the expected demand,” said Carl Breed, director of marketing for Blue Bell. “I think this flavor is going to be a big hit with Blue Bell fans. Our ice cream tastes just like a red velvet cake as there is a hint of red velvet flavor in the ice cream, but you have the extra tastiness of actual pieces of red velvet cake mixed in. The cream cheese swirl ties it all together quite well.”

It will be sold in half gallons and pints.

Blue Bell has had great success with its cake inspired flavors. Cake and Ice Cream was released in 2010 and continues to be a fan favorite. Birthday Cake Ice Cream and the recently introduced Strawberry Banana Pound Cake Ice Cream both combine cake pieces with “the best ice cream in the country.” “You can’t go wrong combining two popular desserts like cake and ice cream,” Breed added. “Many people top a slice of cake with ice cream. With a flavor like Red Velvet Cake you have the best of both worlds in one half gallon.”

Also look for these two returning favorites, Key Lime Pie Ice Cream and Southern Hospitality Ice Cream. Both will be available in your grocer’s freezer in May. For a complete list of ice cream flavors now available in stores, visit