Bonobo Winery Launches In Traverse City Michigan

Bonobo Winery Launches In Traverse City MichiganThis October, brothers Carter and Todd Oosterhouse will launch Bonobo Winery in their hometown of Traverse City Michigan.


Bonobo Winery, located at 12011 Center Road, Traverse City, Michigan and within just a few miles of downtown Traverse City, will be the newest winery on the very popular Old Mission Peninsula Wine Trail. Bonobo Winery will be a one-of-a-kind, experience-rich purveyor of artisan wines.


Benefiting from the regions strong fruit-bearing properties, initial varietals will include Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc.


Grapes will be grown in the Old Mission Peninsula AVA and wine will be produced on site. The wines will be high quality and limited in quantity; year one nearly 5,000 cases available, year two; 6,000 cases proposed and by year three; 8,000 cases expected.  l due to limited quantity, all wines will be sold onsite and via e-commerce for the first two years.  Distribution to retail or restaurants is expected to be extremely limited until year three.  Initially, Bonobo can be shipped to Michigan and California residents only, with shipping to additional states added over the first year.


The concept behind Bonobo Winery is to provide a unique place to visit for a glass of wine, food pairing, wine tasting or special event. With incredible views, excellent wines and a rustic yet, elegant atmosphere, Bonobo will be a “must-visit” for tourists and locals alike.  Bonobo Winery’s goal as well as the goal of Carter and Todd, is to bring a sense of approachability to the Michigan wine and vineyard scene, removing any pretention and allowing for the ultimate in sensory experience.

 Bonobo Winery Launches In Traverse City Michigan

At Bonobo Winery the philosophy is to embrace the beauty, charm and sanctuary of Traverse City- home to several successful festivals, popular wineries, amazing restaurants, stunning scenic views, and limitless outdoor activities and attractions.



Bonobo Winery was founded by brothers and longtime Traverse City natives—Carter and Todd Oosterhouse in 2010. They intend to offer world-class wines with a business model inspired by the close harmony of the traditions, philosophies and ecological integrities of the region. Making a commitment to the community that raised them; they will employ local residents and utilize local resources to create an ethereal experience that captivates all five senses, with each element intentionally representative of Traverse City.


We will open with 12 wines…find bottle notes on the first few:


2012 Chardonnay Barrel Reserve-Our flagship wine. 

“This wine was bathed in new French oak for 10 months and suggests warm vanilla and lush pear with an apple-butter finish. It is lavish yet refined, and known to induce passion.”


2012 Riesling Reserve “This wine displays classic Riesling qualities of lush lemon, bright lime and crisp green apple. It is supple yet crisp, and known to induce passion.”


2013 Chardonnay Stainless “This wine displays hints of ripe tropical fruit like guava and pineapple, a bit of melon and vanilla, and ends with bright citrus. It is racy yet elegant, and known to induce passion.”


2013 Chardonnay Select This wine was held in stainless steel and new french oak.  Made of three distinct clones, this Chardonnay shows vanilla and soft spice, and has a citrus finish. It is sumptuous yet poised, and known to induce passion.


2013 Chardonnay Reserve

2013 Pinot Noir

2013 Cabernet Franc

2013 Pinot Blanc

2013 Pinot Gris

2013 Riesling Reserve

2013 Riesling Select

2013 Riesling (sweet)