Breaking News! Kate Hudson Stars as Leading Lady in 2016 Campari Calendar

Breaking News! Kate Hudson Stars as Leading Lady in 2016 Campari Calendar

Food and Beverage Magazine  ( and Campari®, the iconic red Italian bittersweet apéritif, reveals Hollywood actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson as the star of its 2016 Calendar and the October 2015 issue of Food & Beverage Magazine’s cover.

The BitterSweet Campaign theme for the 2016 Campari Calendar is multi-faceted: first, it is inspired by the instantly recognizable iconography of a presidential election, using the classic theme as a metaphor for the duality of two opposing sides. The Calendar capitalizes on the nature of any election, asking people to take a stand, express an opinion and vote for a side. With Campari’s unique taste serving as the epitome of duality, the Calendar cleverly asks people which aspect of the classic apéritif they identify with more: Bitter vs Sweet.

This positive duality is brought to life in the Calendar’s images through a collaboration between Kate Hudson, who will embody and personify the two souls of Campari: the captivating bitterness versus a more subtle, intriguing sweetness and fashion photographer, Michelangelo Di Battista.

On starring in the 2016 Campari Calendar, Kate Hudson comments, “I was honored to be invited to shoot the 2016 Campari Calendar. This year’s theme plays off the upcoming election, which is the perfect metaphor for the many Campari flavor choices. I loved working with Michelangelo to create two distinctive characters embodying bitter and sweet.”

“We chose Kate as our cover because of our long family history of friendship. ” Hudson’s maternal grandparents and Food and Beverage Magazine publisher Michael Politz’ maternal grandparents were neighbors and close friends.  “Our grandfathers played together in a band for many years” Politz stated.

Michelangelo Di Battista also comments on his involvement in this year’s project, “Campari is a brand that has always had a clear sense of aesthetic and well-defined style, which is exactly what I pride myself on. Kate’s enthusiasm and ability to switch between the two personalities allowed me to create images I hope are fresh, inspiring and imaginative.”

Breaking News! Kate Hudson Stars as Leading Lady in 2016 Campari CalendarBob Kunze-Concewitz, CEO of Gruppo Campari adds, “Celebrating and personifying the flavour complexity of Campari and building on the bittersweet trend makes this year’s calendar unique. Each month embodies the different profiles Campari embodies, alongside Kate Hudson’s incredible talent and ability to switch from approachable, welcoming and sensual to audacious and seductive. Michelangelo’s beautiful photography and strong styling brings to life all of the different elements with ease and elegance. With all this in mind, we’re very much looking forward to unveiling it later in the year.”

Breaking News! Kate Hudson Stars as Leading Lady in 2016 Campari Calendar
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