Brockmans Gin Cocktails Feature Ginger

As summer fades to fall and cooler temperatures prevail, Brockmans Gin is offering up two deliciously warming cocktail recipes featuring the distinct flavor of ginger. The peppery yet slightly sweet bite of ginger combines beautifully with the rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries, the bottom note of Juniper berries and the dry, bitter-sweet peel of Valencian oranges found in Brockmans Gin and provides bars and restaurants with superb seasonal cocktails to add to their fall cocktail menus.

First up, Brockmans’ Gin & Ginger combines Brockmans Gin and premium ginger ale along with a slither of fresh ginger and blueberries to garnish, creating an elegant cocktail with a warm yet refreshing bite.

Brockmans Gin & Ginger
2 parts Brockmans Gin
4 parts premium ginger ale
Slither of fresh ginger & two blueberries

Pour Brockmans into a tall glass with ice. Add a slither of fresh ginger and two blueberries and top with ginger ale.

For a warm and spicy alternative, Brockmans Hot Ginger Toddy marries Brockmans Gin with orange bitters and gently warmed premium ginger beer. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and orange zest studded with cloves for the perfect cozy cocktail to warm up to on a chilly evening.

Brockmans Hot Ginger Toddy
2 parts Brockmans Gin
6 dashes of orange bitters
4 parts ginger beer, gently warmed
Cinnamon stick and orange zest studded with cloves

Combine first three ingredients and serve in a glass mug. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and clove studded orange zest.

“Brockmans is a contemporary reinterpretation of gin that is so smooth, it can be enjoyed over ice or in cocktails that complement the mood and the moment,” said Neil Everitt, a Co-Founder and CEO of Brockmans Gin. “These signature recipes feature the distinctly sweet, spicy warm flavor of ginger while highlighting the unique combination of botanicals expressed in our gin. They are a must try.”

Brockmans Gin was recently awarded a Double Gold Medal at the inaugural 2019 PR%F Spirits Awards. Available in more than 40 countries, Brockmans has seen tremendous growth around the world and continues to build impressive momentum in the U.S. as more and more consumers and bartenders embrace the gin ‘like no other’.

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