Caffeinated Club Launches In Chicago Market

Caffeinated Soft Drink Alternative with No Sugar, No Calories and No Artificial Sweeteners

Caffeinated Club Launches In Chicago MarketCaffeinated Club aims to transform the way America gets its daily caffeine as it makes its initial launch in the Chicago market this winter. Caffeinated Club is a crisp, clean, clear, lightly flavored soda water with caffeine, the equivalent to a can of cola, about 34 milligrams per serving. It is the perfect alternative for health conscious individuals to get the caffeine boost they crave without any sugar, calories or artificial sweeteners.

Each single-serving plastic, recyclable, BPA-free bottle of Caffeinated Club contains 12-ounces of filtered carbonated water, and is currently offered in four flavors: Lemon, Raspberry, Orange-Grapefruit, and Clear, which is unflavored. Each bottle contains no sugar, no calories and no artificial sweeteners. Caffeinated Club is also low in sodium, free from gluten and castoreum, and Caffeinated Club is kosher certified and vegan friendly. The recommended retail price of each bottle is only 99-cents, making it far more affordable than a morning latte or energy drink. Caffeinated Club is delicious served on its own, anytime of the day, and it mixes well with an adult beverage for a fantastic cocktail, too.

The idea for Caffeinated Club was born from entrepreneur Rocky Mosele’s exhaustion and ingenuity. “I wanted a pick-me-up, but I’m not a fan of the sugar and additives in energy drinks, and I don’t always have time for coffee or tea. I thought, “Why doesn’t my club soda have caffeine in it? Since there wasn’t, I decided to create one,” Mosele said. There is no other product on the market currently like it; Caffeinated Club has created a new segment in the beverage industry.

Mosele takes initiative and gets behind an idea to bring it to the marketplace. He has done that once again in his latest venture, Caffeinated Club. Rather having someone else manufacture it, Mosele has gone the extra mile to start his own manufacturing and bottling facility, in Glenview, Illinois. Mosele did the research and realized it would be most cost-effective to manufacture and bottle his creation himself. After six months of research, development and construction, he settled on the perfect recipes and opened his bottling plant. Currently launching in the Chicago market, Caffeinated Club will expand into top markets across the nation in 2014.

About Caffeinated Club
Caffeinated Club is owned and operated by Rocky’s Beverages, LLC. Manufacturing facilities are located at 1813 Elmdale Avenue in Glenview, Illinois, 60026. For more information about Caffeinated Club and locations where Caffeinated Club may be purchased, please visit . For continued updates and information “Like” Caffeinated Club on Facebook and “Follow” Caffeinated Club on Twitter. #GetCaffeinated