Caffeinated Club Offers Healthier Alternative to Artificially Sweetened and Colored Diet Drinks

Caffeinated Club Offers Healthier Alternative to Artificially Sweetened and Colored Diet DrinksIt has been much a touted story in the news recently; diet drinks which are artificially sweetened and caramel colored are ever more adversely affecting the health of those who consume them, particularly women. There is a marked increase in heart attacks, strokes and even death, as cited in this March 29, 2014, Reuters article referencing a recent University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics study as well as this February 10, 2014, Consumer Reports study regarding carcinogens in caramel coloring.

Caffeinated Club, a recently launched line of flavored club soda waters with the added benefit of caffeine and no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, aims to provide a healthier alternative to those diet soda drinkers. Each 12-ounce serving of filtered, carbonated water, is currently offered in four flavors: Lemon, Raspberry, Orange-Grapefruit, and Clear, which is unflavored. Each bottle contains no sugar, no calories and no artificial sweeteners or colors. Caffeinated Club is also low in sodium, free from gluten and castoreum, and Caffeinated Club is kosher certified and vegan friendly.

“As a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and health coach, I recommend Caffeinated Club to my clients who are trying to kick the diet soda or energy drink habit,” said Blair Rockoff, Owner and Founder of Rock Solid Health, a personal training and fitness company located in Chicago. “I’ve always recommended my clients steer away from drinks with excess sugar and any with artificial sweeteners, and Caffeinated Club does both.”

“I considered myself addicted to Diet Coke, until discovering Caffeinated Club,” said Alex Kirby of Wilmette, Illinois. “”I’ve noticeably lost weight since I stopped drinking Diet Coke and switched to Caffeinated Club.”

Caffeinated Club is growing rapidly in Illinois with the recent distribution agreement with Southern Wine & Spirits of Illinois, Amazon and Peapod home delivery.

About Caffeinated Club:
Caffeinated Club is a crisp, clean, clear, lightly flavored soda water with caffeine, the equivalent to a can of cola, about 34 milligrams per serving. It is the perfect alternative for health conscious individuals to get the caffeine boost they crave without any sugar, calories or artificial sweeteners. Distributed in Illinois by Southern Wine & Spirits, Caffeinated Club is owned and operated by Rocky’s Beverages, LLC. Manufacturing facilities are located at 1813 Elmdale Avenue in Glenview, Illinois, 60026. For more information about Caffeinated Club and locations where Caffeinated Club may be purchased, please visit For continued updates and information “Like” Caffeinated Club on Facebook  and “Follow” Caffeinated Club on Twitter.