Calvados Coquerel Sales Increase By Over 30% in U.S. Market

Calvados Coquerel Sales Increase By Over 30% in U.S. MarketCalvados Coquerel is one of the first apple brandies to be produced in Normandy, France at Manior du Coquerel, located in Milly, near Saint Hilaire du Harcouët and Domfront. Traditionally, an area where calvados is made with pears, Coquerel’s focus is on apples.  The House hails award winning and high quality Calvados with an extensive range.  The history of Coquerel begins in 1937 when the founder René Gilbert made it into one of the first houses of Calvados.  The French President has rewarded the estate for its quality five times.  In the cellars, 2,000 barrels of calvados are aged in Limousin oak for a minimum of (3) years.  55% of Calvados Coquerel exported to European countries, but also to Asia and the United States.

Calvados Coquerel, with specific reference to the FINE, has experienced exponential growth over the past year alone, about 36.5% and 27% for the 750ml and the 375ml, respectively, about a 30% increase combined in just one year.  The brand is nationally distributed with placements in several chain accounts nationwide.

Sought after by mixologists nationwide, Calvados Coquerel FINE is great when used in various sophisticated and simple cocktails, alike. The 375ml bottle appeals to culinary chefs, home-cooks, and “foodies.” The V.S.O.P stands on its own, simply as an after dinner drink, neat or on the rocks.

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