Camparino in Galleria, the iconic 108-year-old bar, has announced the unveiling of Sala Gaspare, a new underground bar in the heart of Milan that pays homage to Gaspare Campari, the pioneering mind behind the legendary Campari brand.

Food & Beverage Magazine announces the unveiling of Sala Gaspare at Camparino in Galleria.

Now open for the first time, Sala Gaspare is a space that was once used as a laboratory where Gaspare Campari refined the recipe for his famous Campari bitter liqueur created in the late 19th century. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of the brand.

Under the guidance of Stefano Agostino, Sala Gaspare’s Supervisor, guests will enjoy a cocktail journey from a new exclusive menu. Cocktail lovers will start with historic recipes taken from vintage books from the room’s library and reinterpreted with modern ingredients. They will continue with cocktails inspired by the specific aromas and rare ingredients that Gaspare Campari used to produce cordials, bitters, and vermouths. The final chapter is dedicated to iconic cocktails, such as Negroni and Boulevardier, made with rare vintage liquids from the 1950s onwards that aren’t in production anymore. All cocktails are served with an accompaniment of small snacks prepared by the Camparino kitchen.

The location, overlooking the Duomo, provides an intimate setting for up to 12 guests to immerse themselves in the rich history of Campari and Camparino and relax in a beautiful space with an aroma of the fragrant cocktail creations.

Designed by the renowned Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Sala Gaspare is a testament to a fusion of history and modernity. The design incorporates iconic Milanese symbols, with wood paneling reminiscent of traditional Milanese salons and historic palaces. The ambience is a delicate balance of past and present, with the design reflecting the strong bond between Campari and Milan, creating a space where guests can immerse themselves in a sensory experience.

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Tommaso Cecca, Head of Mixology at Camparino said “The unveiling of Sala Gaspare marks an exciting chapter in Camparino’s rich history. The bar’s meticulously crafted menu celebrates the legacy of Gaspare Campari and offers guests a unique opportunity to enjoy the iconic flavors that have defined Campari for over a century.”

Camparino in Galleria is a symbol of excellence and pride for the city of Milan, which over time has been able to establish its prestige in the beverage and mixology scene in Italy and beyond.


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