Caviar Founders Thailand Trip Inspires New Concept

Chick’n Rice

2136 Center St.
Berkeley, CA 94704
Open Every Day: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.•  @eatchicknrice

Caviar Founders Thailand Trip Inspires New ConceptSAY HELLO TO CHICK’N RICE

Chick’n Rice, a new, fast-casual Thai concept from the founders of Caviar, is slated to open its first location in Berkeley, CA this August. Aiming to become the #1 Thai fast-casual restaurant brand in the country, Chick’n Rice offers the popular Thai street food dish Khao Mun Gai and seeks to introduce the authentic flavors of this classic dish to the American dining scene. Offering a focused menu with simple choices, great value, delicious food and world-class customer service, Chick’n Rice has plans for rapid expansion in the Bay Area and beyond.


Caviar Founders Thailand Trip Inspires New Concept


The founding partners of Umai Hospitality Group, UC Berkeley alums Jason Wang, Shawn Tsao, Vince Cao and John Keh, have multiple years of startup, food-tech and restaurant experience.  Most notably part of creating the revolutionary food delivery app Caviar, the group also owns The Halal Guys franchise in the Pacific Northwest Region.


The idea of Chick’n Rice began when the team took a trip to Thailand and fell in love with the popular Thai street food Khao Mun Gai.  Not widely known outside of Thailand, Khao Mun Gai consists of slices of juicy and tender chicken served with fragrant rice cooked in rich broth and a unique piquant sauce of ginger, garlic, chilies, and soy. It is a very simple dish that embodies the flavors of Southeast Asia. Inspired to introduce the dish to the United States in an approachable setting, the travelers wandered the country, trekking from food stall to food stall, in search of perfectly poached chicken, the most fragrant rice and the most flavorful sauces and seasonings. The founders discovered the best of each element that comprises Khao Mun Gai as they traveled from Bangkok to Chang Mai to Chang Rai, but weren’t able to find the ideal combination until they worked with Chavayos (Bob) Rattakul of Tenyuu Group in Bangkok to create and bring the ultimate recipe to the United States.Caviar Founders Thailand Trip Inspires New Concept


With a purpose of bringing Khao Mun Gai to America, the founders of Chick’n Rice created the dish from scratch that applauds its profound flavors with the best chicken, rice, sauce and soup. Chick’n Rice brings this traditional Thai street food to foodies in the Bay Area with protein selections that include Chicken, Fried Chicken and Braised Pork, all served with rice, cucumbers, cilantro, sweet and sour sauce and a side of chicken broth soup. A vegetarian option is available and option add-ons include a Soy Marinated Egg. In addition to the main dish, Chick’n Rice offers the traditional Thai dessert Coconut Milk Ice Cream with Sticky Rice. Authentic Thai beverages include Thai Ice Tea, Coconut Water, Guava Juice, Lychee Juice and Mango Juice.Caviar Founders Thailand Trip Inspires New Concept