Celebrate Modica, co-founders Eric Wentworth and JD Mitchell, Amazon Store by LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

Modica, co-founders Eric Wentworth and JD Mitchell (Louisville, Kentucky)

Eric and JD met in business school. They worked full-time jobs and took three hours of night classes most evenings, and what they wanted most at the end of those long days was a cocktail. Eric has a decade of bartending experience, and he’s opened two bars and restaurants in Louisville, but after a long day he didn’t want to muddle or infuse anything from scratch. And JD can barely squeeze a lime on a good day! After noticing that mixers available in grocery stores were full of preservatives, toxic ingredients and loads of sugar, they developed Modica using naturally-sourced, superfood ingredients, vitamins, electrolytes, and up to 70% less sugar than other mixers! By selling in Amazon’s store, Modica sales grew by 400% in four months and customer acquisition costs decreased by 40% in the same period. Eric and JD can speak to how Amazon up-leveled their distribution so more people can enjoy better-tasting, better-for-you cocktails and mocktails.

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During Pride Month and all year long, customers can shop small businesses at amazon.com/supportsmall and look out for the Small Business badge to shop a wide range of products sold by small businesses in Amazon’s store. Prime members can also shop a variety of small businesses directly on their sites, including Explorer Cold Brew, by looking for the Buy with Prime button.