Celebrate Wunderground, founder & CEO Jody Hall, Amazon Store by LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur

Wunderground, founder & CEO Jody Hall (Seattle, Washington)

Wunderground founder & CEO Jody Hall has led several companies with a pioneer spirit and a mindful approach. Made with the power of adaptogenic mushrooms, Wunderground coffees aim to combat escalated levels of stress and anxiety and provide clarity and inspire wunder, a feeling we have when we’re grounded and present. As a lesbian business owner, Jody is dedicated to being a vocal and unapologetic supporter of mental health. Jody can speak to how selling in Amazon’s store has helped bring Wunderground to a multitude of new customers looking for that perfect coffee blend. 


During Pride Month and all year long, customers can shop small businesses at amazon.com/supportsmall and look out for the Small Business badge to shop a wide range of products sold by small businesses in Amazon’s store. Prime members can also shop a variety of small businesses directly on their sites, including Explorer Cold Brew, by looking for the Buy with Prime button.