Cheese Boards Three Ways from Celebrity Chef George Duran Featuring A Dutch Masterpiece®, Parrano®, and Royal Hollandia®

Chefs, foodies, and cheese lovers rejoice! Celebrity chef George Duran has partnered with A Dutch Masterpiece®, Parrano®, and Royal Hollandia® cheese to create three delicious cheese boards to kick off your  Labor Day Celebrations and fall into tailgating season.  The perfect host gift, a delicious complement to any feast or party, or a work of art to show off at potlucks, cheeseboards have endless potential all season long.

Chef George Duran’s Trio of Cheese Boards

Chef Duran’s New  Super cheese boards feature  a selection of A Dutch Masterpiece, Parrano, and Royal Hollandia cheeses—the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your next gathering! Each board is designed to highlight different flavors and textures for every palate. Craving a light snack before dinner? There is an  Appy Cheese Board for that! Something sweet and savory? Try the Brunch Cheese Board! Sweet decadent treats after dinner? Make yourself a Dessert Board! Choose between the Appy Cheese Board, Brunch Cheese Board, or Dessert Board… or even choose all three!


A Dutch ‘Masterpiece’ Appy Cheese Board

A Dutch Masterpiece is a true Dutch tradition with a collection of four premium mature cheeses, which have won excellence awards around the world due to  exclusive recipes and commitment to the art of traditional Dutch cheesemaking. Savor the slightly rich flavor or Vincent, the full-bodied flavor of Frans Hals, the delicate fruity flavor of Vermeer or the sharp taste and delicious texture of Rembrandt. These cheeses are perfect for any cheeseboard. Slice A Dutch Masterpiece Rembrandt cheese into thin triangles and make mini piles throughout your cheese board. Now match the flavor profiles of this aged gouda with ingredients like preserves, jams, grape tomatoes, pickles, olives, charcuterie meats, grapes, apple slices, orange segments and different kinds of nuts. Remember to include crackers and toasted bread on a separate board or artfully piled up.



The Royal  Hollandia Brunch Cheese Boar

Royal Hollandia cheeses are made with the highest quality ingredients and are produced in a meticulous fashion, which began over 120 years ago, delivering premium cheese products. Royal Hollandia Cheeses offer a wide variety of flavors including Gouda, Edam, and Maasdam, which all owe their name to the Dutch cities they originated from. Royal Hollandia is the perfect accompaniment to a brunch-style cheeseboard. These semi-soft creamy cheeses are easy to cut into small cubes and slices to place throughout your board. For brunch, serve with  hard-boiled eggs (cut in half and sprinkled with everything bagel spice), smoked salmon pinwheels and slices (make sure to add a ramekin with whipped cream cheese and capers), cornichon pickles, grape tomatoes, bagels cut in half and lightly toasted, mini croissant varieties and mini muffins.



The Parrano Pairing Dessert Board

Parrano Originale cheese is a smooth and creamy gouda that is necessary on a dessert board to balance the sweetness. Colors are your best friend here, so once you have sliced and placed the Parrano on your board start building it with a variety of cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, and wafers. You can also make or buy brownies and cut them into bite sizes. Then adorn the board with mini marshmallows, colorful candies, and even small flowers!


Whether you are hosting a small party with friends or throwing a big feast, these three cheeseboards will get the job done. They are simple, they’re elegant, and they’re sure to wow your guests. They might just make you feel like an award-winning chef yourself!


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Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.

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