Calling all bon vivants and connoisseurs! Ferran Adrià, the father of modern occidental gastronomy and one of the most influential chefs in the world1, is opening the doors of elBulli1846 for a once-in-a-lifetime stay on Airbnb. Guests will be able to sleep in the former restaurant, a mythical space with spectacular Mediterranean Sea views, venerated by food lovers around the world.


Now operating as a museum, elBulli1846 is set to welcome its first and unique overnight guests for a delectable stay dedicated to the culinary revolution sparked by Ferran. Guests will enjoy unprecedented access to exclusive parts of the building and sleep in a “plated” bed inspired by the distinctive cuisine and serving style of the elBullirestaurante.


A master of gastronomic innovation, Ferran is excited to showcase the legacy of his haute cuisine restaurant’s groundbreaking approach to cooking.


“The mission of elBullirestaurante was about pushing limits. We had reached what we felt was the limits of what can be done in a gastronomic experience at the maximum level. Now I’m excited to push new creative boundaries, to share this way of seeing the world with the guests who stay here and to introduce them to our latest chapter as elBulli1846” – Ferran Adrià.


About the stay

Ferran Adrià will host a one-night stay for up to two people in elBulli1846, free of charge**, once occupied by the former restaurant that witnessed the creation of 1846 iconic dishes. The stay is nestled in a cove on Spain’s northeastern coastline, near the small town of Roses, Catalonia.


Highlights include:

  • Meeting Ferran in person to learn about elBulli’s impressive 3-star Michelin legacy and impact on the world of gastronomy.
  • Exclusive overnight access to the mythical space that sparked a culinary revolution, including private rooms such as the ‘shrine to Saint Stomak’ in the ‘Pantry Chapel’.
  • Dinner at one of Ferran’s favorite restaurants in the neighbouring seaside town of Roses.
  • A night in the former restaurant on a “plated” bed, inspired by elBulli’s famed spherical olive.
  • Waking up to spectacular sea views from a terrace that overlooks a secluded Costa Brava beach.
  • After check-out, guests will also be treated to dinner at Enigma in Barcelona from chef Albert Adrià, brother to Ferran and the 2nd best chef in the world according to The Best Chef Awards.


How to book

The exclusive stay in elBulli1846 will be available for 1 night from 16-17 October 2024. Culinary buffs can request to book this stay beginning April 17 at 6:00 PM CEST at Guests are responsible for their own travel to and from Roses, just 20 minutes away from Cala Montjoi at Costa Brava, Spain.


Guests will be driven from Roses to elBulli1846. The stay is suitable for up to two adults and includes offsite dinners.


For those who are not able to book this exclusive stay, foodies are welcome to visit elBulli1846 museum from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 7:30pm starting May 1st until October 12th, 2024 (Summer Season 2024).