Chef & Owner Ranni Kumgisky of The Detour Bistro Bar

Meet the Chef


Chef & Owner Ranni Kumgisky of The Detour Bistro BarRanni Kumgisky was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he lived until the age of 16. He was a professional volleyball player for the Israeli National volleyball team as well as the Israeli National Beach Volleyball team and a professional Indoor Volleyball Player in Spain in 1996, Italy in 1997 and Germany in 1997. During his European years, he worked as an apprentice at local restaurants, as he had attended Tadmor Culinary School in Israel. Cooking was his passion as he was able to escape from his volleyball career and being able to cook through Europe kept his passion alive.Chef & Owner Ranni Kumgisky of The Detour Bistro Bar

In 1998 he moved to the USA to play on the AVP (pro beach volleyball tour) team and in 1999 he was able to open a project management company and work with production in the States. A year later, in 2010, after returning from playing volleyball and feeling the need to get back in the kitchen, he opened GreatDane Catering, company he founded with Dane Pearson, and in 2013, they both founded the restaurant location The Detour Bistro Bar, which opened in 2014.

Ranni is currently busy managing and being the executive chef at The Detour in Culver City, as well as working on the catering business. Keeping busy in Los Angeles!