Chef Priyanka’s Debut Cookbook ?THE MODERN TIFFIN? Is Available for PRE-ORDER!

Champion the diversity and versatility of vegan cooking with these delicious, unique recipes sure to break the mold.

For as long as veganism has been in the mainstream media, there have been many misconceptions about vegan cooking—that it’s not portable, diverse, versatile, or tasty. But that’s simply not the case. With such appealing and intriguing recipes, Chef Priyanka upends some of the long-held vegan assumptions with The Modern Tiffin.

This book goes far beyond expectations of the standard Western meal: meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Vegetables can indeed be the star of the dish, rather than merely a forgotten side dish. Including an array of fifty-five vegan recipes, such as the Italian Tiffin, which uses chickpeas and garam masala to create a new bruschetta, or the American Comfort Tiffin, which includes a Southern riff on a traditional Indian dessert Gulab Jamun, The Modern Tiffin shares this versatility through delicious vegetable-focused recipes tying back to Priyanka’s childhood, travels to nearly forty countries, and life as a first-generation, Indian-American in New York City.