Chianti Classico Premieres Gran Selezione in U.S.

New top tier wine category is introduced to trade 

Chianti Classico Premieres Gran Selezione in U.S.Chianti Classico introduces the Gran Selezione, the new top tier wine category in the region, for the first time to members of the wine trade in New York on Tuesday, June 17.

This is the first time that Italian wine legislation has permitted introduction of a new type of wine at the summit of a denomination’s quality pyramid, and the first time that a legal revolution of such breadth was achieved thanks to several years’ work by vintners and members of the consortium.

“Chianti Classico is the first denomination in the world to introduce a new wine to its qualitative pyramid,” says Sergio Zingarelli, president of the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium. “We are uniquely updating a 300-year history of great passion and great success to further advance the territory here and in international markets.”

Gran Selezione is made exclusively from a winery’s own grapes grown in its finest vineyards according to strict regulations. In addition to having the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of premium quality wines, Gran Selezione can be marketed only after minimum 30-month maturation and an obligatory period of bottle refinement.

Chianti Classico Premieres Gran Selezione in U.S.The event in New York follows the successful world launch in Florence at the former papal palace, Palazzo Corsini.

Until now, there were two quality types: the Annata (year’s vintage) and Riserva wines. The Gran Selezione, which crests above these categories, accounts for just 10% of Chianti Classico production and is expected to value at 70 to 100 million euros.

The following winery owners will be present at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York to showcase their wines and answer particular questions regarding the new category. They will also share their explanations of the virtues and unique characteristics of these wines that elegantly express Chianti Classico’s finest vineyards.

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