Chile, wine industry leader, bets for the American market as a key component of its 2014 trade strategy

Chile, wine industry leader, bets for the American market as a key component of its 2014 trade strategyChile has established itself as one of the most important wine providers of the New World*, according to The International Organization of Vine and Wine. The organization named Chile as the fourth country with the highest levels of exports and sixth in production worldwide. With this fact, the wine industry of the South American country has set goals and expectations to become the number one, and most influential, wine producer of the New World, reaching a total export value of $3 billion by 2020.

To fulfill this goal, private and public sectors of Chile work together in the promotion of their products and services through strategies like the Chilean Wine Tour, an international event that showcases Chilean wine to key markets like Russia, Poland, USA, and Japan, among others. The tour will make its next stop in the US, and Miami will host the event, gathering wine industry experts, sommeliers and restaurateurs on the 24th of June at the Conrad Hotel in Brickell.

Chile’s main purpose is to promote the image and recognition of its wine in the American market and to strengthen the relationship between importers and exporters. The event, which will host approximately 15 Chilean wineries, will present a seminar called “Chile, Land of Diversity,” lead by oenologist and winemaker Santiago Margozzini and recognized local sommelier Fred Dexheimer.

In 2013, Chile exported $287 million of its wine to the US and a grand total of $1.8 billion to the world. This amount places the country as Chile’s most important market for wine exports.

“Our wine has become one of our top international ambassadors, and America is our most valuable market due to its high purchasing power,” said Sacha Garafulic, new Trade Commissioner of ProChile in Miami. “American consumers have many options available, but our goal is to be their go-to choice.”

Chile, according to the OIV, represents 8% of worldwide exports of wine. Its quality has been recognized as one of the best in the industry in several international award ceremonies like Decanter Worldwide Wine Awards, known as the “Oscars” of the wine industry. In 2012, Chile swept the competition wining five Decanter awards at the tasting table, six golden medals and several silver and bronze.

The Importance of the American Market
Wine consumption is on the rise in the United States. In 2013, exports of bottled wine increased by 1.96%. This amount is significant, because United States is the second largest wine consumer in the world after France. It’s estimated that 16% of occasional wine drinkers opt for Chilean wine once a month. The State of Florida is the third largest consumer of imported wine in the country.

Garafulic recognizes the importance of educating the American consumer through activities like the Chilean Wine Tour and of creating strategic alliances to position Chilean wine as the best vis-à-vis the other wine producing countries of the New World.

The Chilean Wine Tour will continue its route through Mexico, Peru, Holland, Costa Rica and Colombia.

About ProChile
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