China Mist Tea Company Introduces New Naturally Flavored Iced Tea

China Mist Tea Company Introduces New Naturally Flavored Iced Tea

National tea distributor debuts new retail line of all naturally flavored iced teas

China Mist Tea Company Introduces New Naturally Flavored Iced TeaChina Mist® Tea Brands (“China Mist” or the “Company”), a national distributor of premium iced and hot teas, announced today the introduction of its new China Mist retail line of naturally flavored iced teas.

Launched in time for the Summer selling season and National Iced Tea Month, the naturally flavored line gives consumers a premium option for brewing iced tea made with all naturally flavored ingredients. Sourced in alignment with Ethical Tea Partnership standards, the teas feature naturally gluten-free tea blended with all-natural flavorings. The pre-measured tea bags make one-half gallon of tea and are packaged four to a box.China Mist Tea Company Introduces New Naturally Flavored Iced Tea

“Summer is iced tea season, but iced tea is also popular year-round,” stated Kermit Peterson, General Manager of China Mist. “This naturally flavored retail line offers consumers an at-home option for the same, great-tasting teas available through our restaurant customers.”

The China Mist naturally flavored line is a logical addition to the Company’s ethically sourced teas, which focus on environmental and social responsibility. “China Mist is focused on sustainability,” commented Kermit. “We source many of our tea blends from tea producers that meet international social and environmental standards. It was important that our new retail line met those same standards so we could offer our retail customers a sustainable at-home iced tea.”

The China Mist naturally flavored line includes three black teas, two green teas and one herbal tea blend. This line joins the China Mist family of premium iced teas that are packaged and distributed using recycled packaging and sustainable sourcing practices.

The China Mist line is available regionally in retail grocers and online at

About China Mist:

China Mist Tea Company is a premier supplier of fine iced and hot teas for the foodservice and retail industry, and is a wholly-owned, independent subsidiary of Farmer Bros. Co.  The Company enjoys a reputation for quality and innovation in product and service.  The brand is nationally recognized as the market leader for specialty iced tea in foodservice and is expanding that reputation to the consumer product channels.  The Company develops and markets specialty iced teas under a variety of brand names, led by the China Mist brand, and specialty hot teas under the China Mist/Leaves Pure Teas brand.

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