Chips or Fries

Chipperbec Potatoes is the gold standard in frying potatoes.

One food staple remaining popular with all demographics is fries. According to, 83 to 84 percent of Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers respondents like to eat fries. The global potato chip market is expected to grow through 2026 and remains one of the most popular snack foods, according to Chipperbec Potatoes are quickly becoming the absolute gold standard as “the” frying potato. 

The Chipperbec potato was developed about 15 years ago as a prospective program developed from restaurant roundtables and input from chefs. About 13 years ago, Matt Hornbuckle had a simple dream of providing quality frying potatoes—the ultimate farm-to-table experience. The concept around using the potato for restaurants was created by the Kirschenmann Family Bakersfield CA circa 1980, supplying In N Out Burger. In 2015, with the help of Chicago restauranteurs, Hornbuckle coined and gave birth to the branded potato, Chipperbec. Dominic Carnazzo joined the family in 2020, and together with the same dream and vision, Hornbuckle and Carnazzo soon became the dynamic duo sharing and educating the restaurant industry of the world-class Chipperbec branded potato. 

“I feel blessed to finally find happiness in my carrier in agriculture, marketing, and sales, and that I can call home. Since graduating college, I am in my fourth carrier, experiencing industries such as banking, real estate development, home building, and now agriculture. The fun and excitement, seeing and feeling the reaction of my customers [chefs], when providing a product, bringing them success in their own carrier, keeps me coming back each and every day to spread more success. 

“My Chipperbec team is my family! Without them, I would not be successful within my career. Success for me is surrounding myself with a positive, energetic, diverse team and integrity within each one’s telos. According to Aristotle, we have a telos as humans, which is our goal to fulfill. This telos is based on our uniquely human capacity for rational thought.” I stand behind this core value and is a driver for our passion and success within the Chipperbec family,” Hornbuckle says.

“As my self-awareness grew stronger, I realized that I needed to be with a group that not only invested in people, but visions outside the box and a mission for growth.  With the Chipperbec family, it feels like an investment for the future.  Not only do we invest in people, but we’re building a legacy.  The goal is not to be motivated by what others are doing, but to blaze a trail of strength, innovation and distinctiveness. All while [metaphorically] building the largest building.

“Since joining the Chipperbec Family, it has been somewhat of an ethos or a renewed compass if you will.  One that has manifested itself and guided me towards more creative and entrepreneurial goals both personally and professionally as it regards to future of the company,” adds Carnazzo. 

Hornbuckle and Carnazzo are passionate about potatoes overseeing aspects from multiple areas across the United States and Canada. They pride themselves on being experts on chip potatoes and oversee multiple full-scale operations, shipping to restaurants and stores across the country. Allied Potato Inc and its brand Chipperbec is the grower, the packer, and the shipper spanning six generations of potato growers that propagate, grow, and harvest their own seed. Its historic growing processes throughout the country ensure that restaurateurs, chefs, and consumers can rely on the quality and flavor of its product throughout the year. With their dedication and expertise, the Chipperbec potato and the company operations have become the country’s largest fresh chipping potato and potato exporter.

“Fries and chips are social comfort food. All ages and all demographics can enjoy them without hesitation and especially because they are so scrumptious,” says Carnazzo.

While offering the best potatoes for chefs, the reliable and innovative company is laser-focused on the land’s sustainability, development, and improvement. 

Chipperbec potatoes have been developed for restaurants over the past 40 years by its most experienced potato farmers to meet all of the demands of chefs and restaurants. The Chipperbec potato has evolved into the Gold Standard in frying potatoes offering high solid, low sugar, low moisture potato that is available year-round. Its seamless growing operation ensures that they are able to operate year-round and ship from four different locations guaranteeing availability to customers. Allied Potato Inc., the incubator for the Chipperbec potato, advances a geographic forward distribution and supply chain with the goal of the ultimate customer service experience. It’s all about the end result—making the customer happy and executing their vision by delivering the highest quality and service levels.

For the retail market, they have captured the distinct flavor profile and performance with Chipperbec fresh potatoes— developing them into fully prepared, ready-to-cook craft frozen fries. 

It is more than just potatoes, it is about the Chipperbec Potato, and on the company’s website Chipperbec U is a virtual learning experience that communicates the story of these special potatoes. The product’s history, growth, viability, and uses and the value in the lifestyle brand are part of the learning experience. 

Chipperbec supports and is a member of “The Society of Fellows at The Culinary Institute of America. “We as supporters serve as dedicated ambassadors and ardent champions of the college and its students. Resources provided by the Fellows help to fund scholarships, strengthen academic programs, and provide for facilities and technology that enhance the quality of education and the lives of students on CIA campuses.”

Allied Potato, along with Chipperbec annually focuses on giving back to their community working with, and supporting, nonprofits such as the Scott Kirschenmann Family Foundation, inspiring the Kern County youth by helping to fund grants, scholarships, and other community investments increasing the young skilled labor workforce, in and around Kern County. 

The founders’ vision is that Chipperbec Potato is globally the No. 1 frying potato. For more information, visit and follow on Facebook @ Chipperbecpotatoes, Instagram @ chipperbec_potatoes, and Twitter @chipperbec.