For the first time in four years, the Culinary Institute of America’s Wine & Beverage Summit—a three-day gathering of the beverage industry’s best and brightest—returns to the CIA at Copia May 5-7. Featuring everything from immersive tastings to in-depth dialogue on the state of wine education, innovative career paths, and increasing both business savvy and financial fluency, the conference will welcome recognized wine experts and rising stars alike. It is ideal for junior and mid-level industry professionals looking to grow their knowledge and advance their careers.


“We are thrilled to bring back this incredible event with a focus on professional development,” said Maryam Ahmed, consulting program director. “Attendees can expect a truly enriching experience. Unlike larger conferences where one-way presentations are the focus, this summit was deliberately crafted to be a smaller, more intimate gathering so attendees can interact directly with the presenters and each other during breakout sessions and receptions.”


Among the esteemed beverage experts and presenters are: Emily Wines, certified master sommelier, and vice president of wine experience at Coopers Hawk Winery and Restaurant; Erik Segelbaum, founder and chief vinnovation officer at SOMLYAY, LLC; TJ Douglas, CEO and founder of the Drink Progressively Group; and Andrea Robinson, master sommelier, author, and consultant to Delta Airlines and Norwegian Cruise Line.


The conference also serves as one of the residency sites for CIA Wine and Beverage Management master’s degree students, who will attend as part of their program.


For more information or to view the full program schedule, visit


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