Coastal Spritz is pioneering the premium light wine market as they continue their national expansion with new and recently added retailers such as Wawa, BJ’s, 7-11, Albertsons and Costco, adding expanded distribution in states such as New Jersey, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, California and Massachusetts. They are currently available in their innovative 12 oz cans at retailers in 15 states with a specific regional focus for the SE, NE, MW and CA, and will continue to add on consumer markets as they strategically expand and dominate markets. Product is also available nationwide via ECOMM (

Initially having launched in 2017, Coastal Spritz’s goal is to provide consumers with the highest quality wine spritz in ready – to – drink options, for an on-the-go lifestyle, easy entertaining, and as an accessible product in eco-friendly cans . The brand uses only premium wine that is sourced from the best vineyards in The Columbia Valley of Washington State, giving it a delicious and lighter take on canned wines without sacrificing the quality of the grapes that go into it.

Currently offering 6 exceptional skus: Pineapple Rosé Spritz, Watermelon Rosé Spritz, and Classic Rosé Spritz, Sauvignon Blanc Spritz, Pinot Noir Spritz, and Oaked Chardonnay Spritz 6% abv. Coastal is also available on the brand’s website:

Unlike other products in the category, Coastal Spritz does not use any artificial ingredients or sweeteners, instead, it uses a splash of real fruit juice and a hint of monk fruit as a sweetener in the pineapple & watermelon rosé skus. Introducing the first of its kind are the pure varietal 6% abv spritz collection. Coastal Spritz products contain less than 100 calories with 1-5 grams of sugar per each 12 oz. serving. They are all natural, gluten-free, Non-GMO and plant based. Simply stated, Coastal Spritz product is a convenient guilt-free pleasure for the premium wine drinker.

Coastal has developed a strong following amongst influencers and celebrities as well, often seen at events and on instagram in the hands of names like Presley Gerber, Shwayze, RJ Ramirez, Audrina Patridge, The cast of Vanderpump Rules’, and many more.

“We believe the premium wine drinker has been searching for a low abv option that holds the true varietal characteristics of the wine grown in the region. Being sourced from the best vineyards in The Columbia Valley of Washington State, giving it a delicious and lighter take on canned wines without sacrificing the quality of the grapes that go into it.” – BJ McCaslin, Founder, Coastal Spritz

BJ McCaslin has been a lifelong beverage and hospitality entrepreneur. After selling his last brand Vita Coco Cafe, he dove right back into wine and spirits after being inspired during a trip in New Orleans — his true passion is innovating with liquid to lips. He saw the brand vision, and industry gap – and took the steps to bring it to life.

“Coastal is pioneering light wine with pure premium varietals whilst spirit based are all cocktails. So we are basically taking really premium wine and making sure our consumers get the core varietal characteristics they love to taste when drinking their favorite brand of full ABV wine. For example, most wine coolers are sold only in 4 packs and as 8.2 oz cans. Coastal is offered as 4, 6, and 12 packs, in 12 oz cans. We see that as a category advantage and the catalyst to grow the wine base by cross merchandising with Spirit based RTDs and FMBs.” – BJ McCaslin, Brand Founder

Coastal proudly donates a portion of proceeds to support the Ocean Foundation. Their mission is to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.