The savory and sweet cookies enhancing the flavorful experience on the palate have been created specifically as an accompaniment for wine as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  The pairing bars are popping up at parties, bringing another level and benefit to comfort when socializing with family, friends and co workers – ultimately creating not just a new taste experience, but an emotional connection and sense memory.

Unique cookie recipe formulations were created with guidance from expert sommeliers that use specific ingredients known to compliment each pairing. The Kosher salt, herbs, dark chocolate, lemon, reduced sugar levels are what

Cookies & Corks   <Click Here>  founders Leah and Laura included in their delectable cookies.

A background in culinary and business and an intuitive sensibility to taste and trends, their cookie pairing idea and cookie bars are a natural fit at birthday, graduation, office gathering, holiday celebration, or catered affair, and easily incorporated with Cookies & Corks tested pairing suggestions and tips.

Cookies & Corks  <Click Here>
founders provide tips for creating “Cookie Pairing Bars”

  • Showcase a few of the cookies as bite-size morsels for tasting and plate the remainder whole.  The small bites encourage

    experimenting without feeling over-indulgent.  Once your guests have a favorite you’ll see them coming back for the whole cookie!

  • Set out cordial glasses with no more than two-ounces of your chosen beverage.  Place the beverages next to the cookies with which they pair best.

  • Create a name card for each cookie, set out a bottle of the beverage behind the sampling glasses and display a decorative sign saying “Cookie Pairing Bar” on the table.  These are the bare bones…now add some of your own flair!

Cookies & Corks unique flavors include:

Espresso Chocolate Peanut Butter <Click Here>

A chocolate lovers dream

Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal  <Click Here>

Savory sea salt is sprinkled on each crunchy chocolate chip oatmeal

Apricot Sage <Click Here>
The sweet apricot and bitter herb
White Cheddar Rosemary <Click Here>
Salty and herbal notes
Ginger Molasses <Click Here

Deliciously balanced and spicy

Zesty Lemon <Click Here>

Not-too-sweet, not-too-tart cookie