Crockery Cookers And Crockery Dining Ware

Crockery Cookers And Crockery Dining WareThere are many types of crockery that include both cookware as well as dining ware. A lot of crockery is serving ware that includes gravy bowls, serving bowls, serving dishes, condiment bowls, plates and more. Crockery specifically is made of only natural materials such as clay. It can be glazed and then fired to remain watertight. Fine china and porcelain can also be crockery but these or more fine dining pieces then those used for everyday casual use.

Some of the historically famous types of crockery include delftware, tin-glazed pottery, raku, creamware, faience, Victorian majolica, and terra cotta. Crockery is a very durable type of dining ware, almost as tough as stoneware. Unlike stoneware, crockery is not nearly as expensive making it the choice for casual dining and everyday use.

Traditionally crockery is not decorative and is very simple and plain with almost no embellishments. There are some fancier pieces of crockery such as delftware and faience that are decorative. Most crockery is dishwasher safe and can easily be mixed with other serving pieces. A famous type of crockery made by Wedgewood is creamware. Creamware just like its name is cream in color. Wedgewood eventually managed to produce whitish blue creamware that he called pearlware. His crockery was very famous and was used by Queen Victoria and Catherine the Great. Wedgewood experimented with different types of clay until he produced this famous creamware.

Crockery Cookers And Crockery Dining WareA type of decorative crockery is faience or delftware. This type of pottery is white in color with decorations made using different types of metal oxides. Delftware, in particular, is produced in the Netherlands and traditionally uses blue decorations. The first of this crockery was produced in the 1500s but Europe experienced a revival in the late 1800s.

Crockery can be found in almost any type of kitchen or china store. It is much more difficult to find famous makers like Wedgewood as these are very expensive and considered showpieces as they are works of art. In the height of crockery production, the makers were considered artisans and masters of their trade.

A crock pot is a type of crockery cookware used specifically for foods that do not cook well in water. These types of foods need to be cooked slowly at low temperatures to become tender and flavorful. A crockery cooker also will rarely overcook food. There was a revival of the slow cooked food and the crockery cooker was an important piece of cookware.

A crockery cooker is perfect if you want to come home after a long day of work and not cook. You simply need to put everything in the crock pot before you leave in the morning, put it on low and it will be ready when you are home that evening. An excellent crockery cooker that is easy and simple to use it he Rival 3040VG 4 quart Crockpot.

Some good options to look for in a crockery cooker is one that has temperature control as well as a removable liner. A removable liner makes the crockery cooker very easy to clean. Temperature control is excellent as you can guarantee that the food will reach 140 degrees FahrenheitCrockery Cookers And Crockery Dining Ware, the temperature that food needs to reach to be safe.