We Know Who Shot JR…

We Know Who Shot JR…This episode begins with a trip to Newburgh Brewing company where they partnered with River Keeper to screen two new films about the Hudson River. River Keeper began in 1966 by a group of concerned fisherman. Together, they defend the Hudson River, its tributaries and help to protect the drinking water supply of 9 million New Yorkers. Volunteer opportunities. This includes the discovery of an incredibly rare and old sturgeon caught on side-scan radar just off the coast of Hyde Park, NY. At one point sturgeon ran so strong in the Hudson they fish showed up on many menus up and down the Hudson Valley. By the end of the 19th century it was commonly known as “Albany Beef”. Hudson River sturgeon are currently on the federal endangered list.

We quickly transition from the Hudson to opening a forty year-old can of JR Ewing Beer. Cans can still be found on the secondary market for purchase. The beer was brewed in 1980 by Pabst Blue Ribbon and is described as an American pale ale. It tasted like it was brewed on a hot summer day in dry Texas.
Our Beer paired well with the discussion and tasting our core topic, comfort food. “CF provides consolation or a feeling of well-being, typically any food with a high sugar or other carbohydrate content and associated with childhood or home cooking.” Add nostalgia as well as high fat & high caloric to the definition. Every culture has a list/s.

Matt’s list: Egg-foo-young, chocolate pudding & cinnamon rolls, Captain Crunch & Chicken, Pizza w/cold cheese, Italian combo, disco fries, gyro, Irish breakfast, wings, loaded tater totes Recipe: Lobster mac & cheese

Rich’s List: Ploughman’s, prawn cocktail, curry, Cadbury mini eggs, hot sausage roll, bacon sandwich, scampi and chips, walker, marmite, Toad in the hole, English Fry-up. Recipes to taste: English cheese biscuits w/Branston, Shepherds pie, pavlova.

Gypsy: Ritz crackers with cheese and smoked oysters. Delicious!