Great Cooks Live Right Here in Our Own Neighborhood

Great Cooks Live Right Here in Our Own NeighborhoodThis weeks podcast highlights Rogue fan, cook and neighbor, Linda Morganti. She has been cooking her whole life and is also a master at making the perfect Martini. Linda’s Martini launched this weeks show in a blind taste test between Tito’s Hand made vodka vs. Prohibition’s Bootlegger vodka.

Linda has very few recipes written, most have been handed down through oral tradition. As a business owner ofThe Barbers Daughter and single mom she always finds the time to cook amazing dishes! She says cooking is her therapy and therefore cooks on a daily basis. The Tonetta Lake community in Brewster, NY where Linda resides is a tight-knit community which gets together often for dinners and events. Many on the block cook for these potlucks including Linda’s sister-in-law, Cathy Murphy. It’s almost always guaranteed that Linda will have prepared not one but multiple dishes for such events. Many dishes are Italian in origin and all are guaranteed to be amazing!

There’s one particular recipe called “Recipe” that Linda prepares often. Follow if you can. Origin of the name comes from Linda’s Nephew, Josh “Styles” Murphy, member of the band “Daddy Long Legs”. According to legend, when Josh was young he always asks for Linda to make the “Recipe”. Hence, the “Recipe”, follow? It’s one the best Italian Comfort dishes we’ve tasted. It’s simple to make but surprisingly difficult to master. “Recipe” was handed down to Linda via her grandparents. It was most likely created around post World War 2 era where somewhat hard times forced people to be creative by not waisting ingredients. This included the leftover breadcrumbs and egg mixture from fried chicken cutlets. “Recipe” is a mix of these leftover ingredients along with some added onion and cheese. The few we’ve spoken to about “Recipe” have noted that it’s very challenging getting the proportions correct.

The show closes with a comedic discussion on sauce vs. gravy and a nosh of Lindas famous meatballs. Secret: Don’t overwork the mixture, flash fry and immediately drop them into the sauce.