Crown Royal and Walter Falls Wood Products Inc. to Grill Up New Line of Barbecue Smoking Products

Crown Royal, the world’s best-selling Canadian whisky brand, is partnering with premium-grade wood product maker Walters Falls Wood Products Inc. to launch a premium whisky barrel wood-smoking product line. The licensing agreement was brokered by global brand extension licensing agency, Beanstalk.


The new line of premium barbecue smoking products will include chips, chunks, pellets and grilling planks made from genuine retired Crown Royal whisky barrels. The distinctive flavor profile of Crown Royal whisky – oak, vanilla, spice and brown sugar – comes through in the wood and char to bring unique flavor to smoked meats, vegetables, and other foods. Notably, the smoking planks are staves cut in half that are hand-picked for size and quality. These planks offer consumers who use cedar planks to smoke fish and meat on gas or charcoal grills an exceptional outdoor cooking experience that is sure to impress friends and family this summer.


This new partnership not only allows Crown Royal fans to enjoy the flavours of whisky in a new way but also aligns with the brand’s focus on generosity. These grilling moments allow people to share food, time, and memories.


“As a former Diageo employee, I had the pleasure of promoting the Crown Royal portfolio in Canada. I am excited to combine my knowledge of the Crown Royal whisky brand with my passion for barbecue,” said John Neeve, Director of Walters Falls Wood Products. “All of us here at Walters Falls Wood Products look forward to the thrilling times ahead as the products launch and our partnership with Crown Royal grows.”


Lauren Montemaro, Director of Brand Development at Beanstalk, said, “From repurposing the Crown Royal whisky barrels to extending into the grilling category, this partnership truly harnesses the authenticity of the brand itself. Recycling the barrels will not only allow for great tasting barbecue but is also a logistical success. We are thrilled to bring Crown Royal to consumers in this innovative form.”


The Crown Royal smoking wood products will be available online at,, and more and also in select regional and specialty barbecue stores in Canada in summer 2021. The line will be available at US online retailers and specialty stores in late summer 2021.


About Crown Royal

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is the number-one selling Canadian whisky brand in the world and has a tradition as long and distinctive as its taste. Specially blended to commemorate a grand tour of Canada made by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain in 1939, Crown Royal’s smooth, elegant flavor and gift-worthy presentation reflect its regal origins – it is considered the epitome of Canadian whisky. For more information, visit Crown Royal encourages all consumers to please enjoy responsibly.


About Walters Falls Wood Products

Walters Falls Wood Products (WFWP) Inc. is located in the charming village of Walters Falls in Ontario, Canada. The village has a rich history of wood mills dating back to 1854 when the first mill utilized water from the falls as a power source. Today, the falls are a tourist attraction, but up the road, the history of manufacturing high quality wood products continues.


WFWP is not your average wood mill. WFWP specializes in only sustainably sourced hardwood products that can be burned. Such as firewood, restaurant cooking woods, and barbecue smoking woods. For more information, please visit


About Beanstalk 

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