Jun on the Run-WILD TONIC 5.6% Hard Jun Available in Cans Soon!

Jun on the Run-WILD TONIC 5.6% Hard Jun Available in Cans Soon!WILD TONIC is pleased to announce the addition of 12 ounce slim cans to their current glass bottle and draft programs. The first products featured in the slim cans will be WILD TONIC 5.6% ABV Hard Jun Kombucha. The release will offer customers a more portable and eco-friendly option in addition to the signature cobalt blue glass bottles.

Launching in select markets in November and December, 2019, followed by multi-market expansion in January 2020, the cans will feature popular flavors Blueberry Basil, Raspberry Goji Rose, Mango Ginger, Tropical Turmeric and Strawberry Blood Orange. Fans will find the can design similar to WILD TONIC’s glass bottles with the addition of unique artwork identifying each flavor profile.

“We are so thrilled to offer our same great Jun Kombucha in a can!” said Holly Lyman, founder of WILD TONIC. “While our cobalt blue glass bottles are pieces of art, we wanted to provide an option that is lighter and more portable to keep up with many of our consumer’s lifestyles. It was also extremely important to remain mindful of our environmental presence. We can’t wait to see the amazing new places our fans will enjoy WILD TONIC!”

Plans to add WILD TONIC Classic Jun Kombucha cans to the portfolio are already underway with distribution set for early 2020.

WILD TONIC® is a passionately crafted brew made with a primary ferment of organic tea, honey, and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). Jun differs from its traditional Kombucha cousins made with processed cane sugar, known to produce a more sour profile – while Jun presents a palate-pleasing, smooth effervescence due to its use of organic honey. During an all-natural secondary fermentation, the alcohol content is brought up to 5.6% ABV using sustainably sourced, fresh ingredients to create a bright and delicate flavor. Each serving contains 1 billion+ probiotics at the time of production and has zero gluten, added sulfites or artificial flavorings.

A woman-owned company based in Cottonwood, Arizona, WILD TONIC® aims to generate a farm-to-bottle experience by infusing their Jun Kombucha with organic fruits, herbs and botanicals, many of which are grown locally in the majestic red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. WILD TONIC is an environmentally friendly, ‘better for you’ beverage that you can feel good about drinking!

Distributed since 2015, WILD TONIC® has been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Food Network, Sunset Magazine, The Washington Post, Food & Beverage Magazine and PopSugar. The Jun brewery holds prestigious industry awards such as Beverage Industry Magazine’s ‘Innovative Product of
the Year 2017’, and is the winner of Gold Medals at the Great International Beer, Cider, Mead and Sake Competition and the Proof Awards by Food & Beverage Magazine. As a premium beverage, WILD TONIC can be found at esteemed resorts and restaurants across the country including L’Auberge de Sedona, The Palazzo Las Vegas, Four Seasons, Canyon Ranch and Emeril Lagasse’s Restaurants.

About Good Omen Bottling, LLC®. At WILD TONIC®, our passion is for pioneering cutting edge ferments in the world of Craft Brewing. Our award-winning Hard Jun Kombucha, along with our non-alcohol Jun, emanate mastery of the ancient art of fermentation with the unique use of sustainably sourced honey for an unparalleled signature smooth taste. We infuse exotic varietals of teas with organic fruits and botanicals to create light yet flavorful elixirs that promote an elevated drinking experience. The effervescent nectar inside of each cobalt blue bottle is a crafted expression of our commitment to uncompromising quality, exceptional taste and conservation of the bee population for future generations. At WILD TONIC®, we want you to feel good about what’s inside. WILD TONIC is above & beyond Kombucha. To learn more about the WILD TONIC® brand, visit: http://www.wildtonic.com/.