First Look: Anna Kendrick & Frito-Lay Release New Version of “Favorite Things” That Everyone Can Agree With

Forget copper kettles and brown paper packages tied up with string — Anna Kendrick is releasing the new holiday carol you’ll be singing in your head all season long…replacing the iconic Sound of Music lyrics with items like “bright yellow Lay’s bags” and a “snack table spread that is fit for a king.”

Here’s a peek at the Frito Lay Holiday Campaign:

Anna Kendrick & Frito Lay

“Favorite Things” Behind-the-Scenes Fun Facts
* Viewers might spot some other familiar faces throughout the spot, including Teresa Dahlquist of the three “Golden Sisters” who rose to internet stardom a few years ago, and actor Matty Cardarople.
* LA’s acclaimed Solvang Bakery built the ornate gingerbread house that was later decorated with Frito-Lay snacks inside and out.
* Yes, that’s real snow — despite temps reaching 90+ degrees during the three-day shoot in LA. The team hauled in literally tons of manmade snow/ice to cover the yard, build makeshift sledding hills, and stock up for Anna’s snowball fight. The “snowcat” alone was created using 30,000 pounds of ice.

Frito-Lay 2019 Holiday Snack Index
* Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Americans will take part in an estimated 327 million holiday gatherings with family and friends…that’s 4x as many as Super Bowl Sunday, if you’re counting.
* Snacks/food surpassed drinks to rank as one of America’s “Favorite Things” for celebrating holiday traditions — second only to family and friends (whew!) and also outweighing gifts, decorations, music and sports.
* No nastygrams here! Anna Kendrick’s neighbors must not mind her holiday decor — as 75% of people admit they don’t take their holiday decorations down until after the New Year.
* The 83% of people who do not use snacks as holiday decorations could learn a thing or two from the set designer of Frito-Lay’s “Favorite Things” holiday campaign — where Smartfood popcorn of course wrapped the tree; Lay’s potato chips, Doritos and Cheetos lined Anna Kendrick’s gingerbread house; and Tostitos scoops hung alongside the tinsel.
* Men prefer sweet treats more than women do (40 percent vs. 35 percent), while Gen Z reaches for salty snacks more so than Boomers — including popcorn (44 percent vs. 23 percent) and potato chips (43 percent vs. 26 percent).
* With Frito-Lay North America selling nearly 100 lbs. of snacks per second, there’s a snack for everyone in Frito-Lay’s portfolio.