DAH! INDIA-INSPIRED YOGURT BRAND EXPANDS ITS AWARD-WINNING LASSI YOGURT SMOOTHIE LINEDAH! (dah-hee), America’s #1 award-winning India-inspired yogurt, will expand its Lassi yogurt smoothie line with three new flavor profiles showcasing brand new packaging. Joining its signature Alphonso Mango and Plain, DAH!’s new flavors include Peach with Honey, Vanilla with Cardamom, and Strawberry with Mint, all available in a 32oz bottle. DAH! is currently rolling out this expansion nationwide. www.dahlicious.com | @dahlicious 

In 2020, DAH! took home the Gold Sofi Award in the Yogurt & Kefir category for its 32oz Alphonso Mango Lassi yogurt smoothie.


DAH!’s points of differentiation include “India-inspired, Slow-cultured, Real Fruit, and High-probiotic (with 15B probiotics per serving).” “India-Inspired” and “Slow-Cultured” reflect the ancient Indian techniques of culturing yogurt at lower temperatures for longer times than most, if not all, modern-day yogurt brands. The result is a high-probiotic, richly-textured, intensely flavorful yogurt that is excellent for digestive health. As many leading competitors do not declare the actual probiotic count, DAH! remains committed to probiotic count transparency.


In introducing these three new flavors, our goal was to provide consumers with the flavors they love with a touch of DAH! Our Vanilla Cardamom flavor has the smooth, creamy taste of vanilla and a hint of cardamom, one of the world’s most ancient spices, native to Southern India. We’re excited for consumers to try and fall in love with Lassi and unique, delicious flavor profiles inspired by India.”

  • CEO, Pamela Goldberg


DAH! currently offers four impressive lines: Lassi Yogurt Smoothie, Dahi dairy yogurt, non-dairy Almond Yogurt and the recently introduced Oat+Almond+Coconut non-dairy yogurt. The dairy line consists of Lassi (the Hindi name for drinkable yogurt) in 32oz bottles available in flavors including Plain, Alphonso Mango, Strawberry with Mint, Vanilla with Cardamom, and Peach with Honey and whole milk Dahi dairy yogurt in a 32oz tub. The non-dairy line consists of two products, both available in a single-serve, 5.3oz cup format. The first line is an Almond Yogurt,  offered in  Plain, Madagascar Vanilla, Alphonso Mango, Field Strawberry, and Wild Blueberry; the second is the new Oat+Almond+Coconut blend offered in Blueberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Key Lime, Cherry Vanilla,  Vanilla, and Plain.


About Founders JD Sethi and Ajeet Burns:

DAH! founder JD Sethi was raised in Meerut, India, at the elbow of a mother whose talents with ghee, turmeric, and chili powder built both his love of good food and educated his palate. As his young appetite grew more demanding, she sagely taught him to make his own Lassi each morning. After a lifetime of learning the rhythms and character of the delicious and nutritious yogurt beverage, Lassi, he now produces one of the finest Lassis’ in the world, from Leominster, Massachusetts. Additionally, he has applied his considerable formulation talent to non-dairy yogurts, yielding a world-class almond-based version. While looking to grow his fledgling business, JD serendipitously encountered an American-born, India-raised, fifth-generation Oregon entrepreneur by the name of Ajeet Burns.  Together, their shared values and mutual passions are at the heart of the meteoric rise of DAH! — the finest cultured yogurts on the market today.

About DAH!

DAH! (dah-hee) is the leading India-inspired yogurt company in North America. The company’s traditional, slow-cultured process makes its product lines a leader in the yogurt category. DAH! offers dairy and non-dairy yogurt in a variety of flavors. The latest brand offerings include a Dahi dairy yogurt, a traditional yogurt made with whole milk and a non-dairy blend of Oat+Almond+Coconut yogurt. The 2020 Sofi Award Winning brand took home the Gold Award in the ‘Yogurt & Kefir’ category for its 32oz Alphonso Mango Lassi yogurt smoothie and the Bronze Award in the ‘Plant-Based-Other Dairy’ category for its Alphonso Mango Almond yogurt.  DAH!’s Alphonso Mango Almond Yogurt also was awarded the Spark Change 2020 NEXTY Award for Best New Organic Food category.  The company’s products can be found in Whole Foods, Sprouts, Market Basket, Safeway, HEB, Publix, Wegmans, Erewhon, Bristol Farms, and specialty grocery stores.  www.dahlicious.com | Follow @dahlicious on social media.