Dancing Goat Distillery is proud to announce that the long-awaited expansion is complete and the grounds are now ready for eager guests to visit. The project included the construction of its first open-air rickhouse in 2021 — which currently houses more than 6,000 barrels.  The expansion concluded in July of this year, doubling the distillery footprint from 17,000 square feet to a remarkable 34,000 square feet.


Thanks to the new square footage, new Vendome 18” continuous column, and three 6,000 gallon open top fermenters feeding the still, whiskey production capacity has quadrupled, all the while maintaining the award-winning quality that Dancing Goat Distillery is known for. The revamped grounds also boast a spirits vault and gin academy, offering visitors an exclusive distillery experience.


Dancing Goat Distillery’s new space has contributed immensely to product release, as well. The additional 17,000 square feet allows for on-site bottling for the popular Limousin Rye retailer single barrel program. The program enables retailers to sample whisky with a range of profiles and hand-select spirits based on their store’s needs, catering to both their new and seasoned whiskey customers.


Dancing Goat’s Limousin Rye isn’t the only spirit benefitting from the space’s new specs, however. Production for both Death’s Door Gin and Wisconsin-aged Dancing Goat Brandy has flourished under the recently expanded roof. Dancing Goat Distillery continues to extend limited product editions on-site for folks looking to learn more about flavor profiling and sip on fine spirits.


Dancing Goat Distillery is excited to welcome guests to explore the new grounds. From spirit production to hands-on distilling, Dancing Goat offers a range of tour options for every kind of spirit enthusiast. For more information, read below.


  • Public Tour


Come out and step into our production facility for a one-hour tour. Guests will be walked throughout the production floor learning how the Dancing Goat turns grain into one of our signature spirits. $10 per person. Must be 21 years of age and provide a valid ID.



  • Public Tour + Guided Sampling


During this ninety-minute experience, guests will be walked throughout the production floor learning how the Dancing Goat turns grain into one of our signature spirits. After an in-depth discussion of how spirits and produced and aged, you’ll step into our spirits vault for a guided sampling. Come on in and taste a little, learn a lot, and share stories that have been crafted for decades. $20 per person. Price includes a special Dancing Goat Glencairn glass. Must be 21 years of age or older and provide a valid ID.


  • Gin Academy


The Dancing Goat Gin Academy invites guests to become distillers and make their own 750 ml bottle of gin to take home, on a beautiful copper alembic mini-still. The gin will be crafted to their own unique recipe, selecting from over 15 botanicals in a three-hour experience.



Dancing Goat Distillery

909 Vineyard Drive

Cambridge, WI 53523





Reservations encouraged. For walk-ins to be accepted, guests must be on time and the experience must have space available.


To make a reservation, go to www.dancinggoat.com or visit our Tock page online at www.exploretock.com


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