deadmau5 partners with CoCo Vodka™ adding spirits to popup events

Americans love many entertainers from Canada, including Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5. The Grammy Award-nominated electronic music artist has brought his progressive house music and other electronic music genres to the world’s delight. As an entrepreneur, Zimmerman has now collaborated with CoCo Vodka™, The Original Hard Coconut Water™, for his first-ever liquor endorsement. This includes offering RTD cocktails at various deadmau5 events.


Deadmau5 Collaborates with CoCo Vodka™ for Popup Events


Launched in 2019, CoCo uniquely combines real coconut water with triple distilled vodka and finishes smoothly with a refreshing twist of sparkling water. A 5% ABV drink that is different from any other spirit-based RTD because of the amount of coconut water used, packing the can with natural electrolytes and essential nutrients.

 “I love CoCo Vodka, and I only endorse or affiliate with products I eat or drink,” states Zimmerman. “Any endorsement from me is authentic and not driven by money. We have rocking it at our parties, and we all like it. It is light and I can relax while enjoying it.”

The beginning of the partnership started with a party and a post on Instagram.

“I am not a big party person, and I don’t usually entertain lots of people at my house every weekend,” explains Zimmerman. “But once a year, I host a big outdoor party. Everyone flies in from around the world for the one big shindig at my place. The party is catered, and someone else brings in the beverages. While talking, it was suggested that I should develop my own drink.”

Zimmerman’s assistant Katie Clark had introduced him to fellow Canadians and co-founders of CoCo Vodka Mark Convery and Av Grewal. When Zimmerman posted a photo of his refrigerator filled with only beverages during the pandemic on his IG account, Convery had to comment.

“Just missing some #CoCoVodka. You name the address and we got you @enjoycocolife.”

The two were invited to the party and posted a photo of all of them enjoying a CoCo Vodka. While Zimmerman is originally from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, he is based in Toronto, the same as the co-founders. Everyone bonded immediately, and the collaboration began.

“Mark and Av have been so supportive, coming to the shows and really being part of the event. It is not often that founders take an active part in their product and brand as well as handle artist relations themselves,” says Zimmerman. “They are really good people, great to work with, and I look forward to a long relationship with them.”

While Zimmerman handles his own branding and image, Convery and Grewal will handle the branding of the product line.

“We are big in the EDM space and the idea of escaping, attending music festivals, and having a good time. Spirits tie in nicely with this crowd, and our drink was created to enjoy with friends,” says Convery. “As far as we are concerned, Joel is the godfather of the genre, so it made sense to tie the two products together.”

A limited edition of the CoCo Vodka can with the deadmau5 image was created to sell to fans and at events.

“We didn’t want anything gimmicky but to represent him, so Joel had a huge say in the development of the can. Our design is usually very bright and colorful, but for Joel, we developed a black-and-white deadmau5-style can. We will be launching the deadmau5 x CoCo Vodka™ limited edition 4 pack in the U.S. in April and Canada in May,” explains Convery.

“Touring for us has been going since 2018 and has not stopped. There is no plan or schedule; more like a weekend warrior for me. I am home during the week and then fly out somewhere for a couple of shows and then come home,” says Zimmerman. “Now we will offer CoCo Vodka along with merch.” However, there will be popups, especially activating the product in new markets.

Convery has worked in marketing for the past 20 years, intending to develop his own spirit brand. He had developed a passion for bourbon while living in Australia but discovered there were challenges, including the fact that bourbon is distilled in a barrel for four years. He decided to pivot into RTD and wanted to create something unique.

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“We discovered that while coconut water was a big seller globally, no one was combining the water with either rum or vodka. Av and I liked the idea of creating hard coconut water,” says Convery.

CoCo Vodka was developed with the purpose of creating a completely new market niche to satisfy the young-at-heart and fun-loving consumer. By leveraging global demand and the increasing popularity of coconut water, the founders set out to create something unique—The Perfect Escape and The Original Hard Coconut Water. CoCo Vodka™, along with three other flavors including CoCo Rum™, is available in North America throughout 25 states in the United States and 5 provinces in Canada.


For more information, visit, and follow on Instagram @ enjoycoco and TikTok @ enjoycocolife.