Anchor Packaging’s Innovation Delivers What Your Chef Intended – Bringing Customers Back for More

Imagine your must-have, go-to meals from your favorite local restaurants. Are you thinking of a juicy burger with perfectly seasoned, hot, and crispy fries? Hot and tangy wings with just enough crunch? Maybe it’s Nashville chicken with perfect heat or the best fried chicken in town? When the craving hits, you have your go-to spots because they crush it every time.

What if you knew your go-to dining heroes were just as good to go?

Today, takeout is a bigger part of all of our lives. Anchor Packaging, now in its 60th year, has focused on innovations to improve the takeout and delivery experience for most of that time. Award-winning Anchor innovations include the Crisp Food Technologies® line which keeps customer favorites, such as french fries, hot & crispy for up to a 30-minute delivery. The Culinary Series® whose secure closures, compartmented options, and durable, cut-proof bases with clear lids preserve taste and presentation, IncrediBowls® was designed to deliver rich, saucy favorites and more.

When you deliver a dine-in experience, you win more meals. Better packaging creates the best experience. Anchor’s product capabilities mean you serve what your chef intended every time.

Consumers increasingly rely on takeout and delivery. The latest National Restaurant Association State of the Industry report found that 54% of consumers report it is essential to how they live. In addition, over 60% say they will order more takeout and delivery – a number that leaps over 70% for consumers 18 to 41 years old.*  Notably, more consumers experience food for the first time off-premise.

Prioritizing packaging to protect the off-premise experience is more important than ever before. Consumers now rely more on food to go, and with more choices just a click away, meeting – or even exceeding – their expectations is key to winning more meals. Quality meal experiences do more than bring customers back for more. 9 in 10 consumers agree they would order a greater variety of items to go – if the restaurant used packaging that helped the food maintain the same temperature, taste, and quality as when served in the restaurant.

Anchor Packaging products deliver the taste and presentation customers want, setting the brand apart in their minds. Additional innovations across the Anchor line support efficient back-of-house operations at the same time. Integrated anti-fog lids not only present an appealing meal to the customer but also provide perfect visibility to the kitchen staff in order to prevent costly order errors – without having to open the lid and release any heat. Compartmented designs keep sides and proteins neatly separated while also supporting portion control. All Anchor hot to-go lines are safe to 230˚, so prepared and packaged meals can be safely kept at fresh-made quality under a heat lamp until the customer or delivery driver arrives.

Protecting and preserving food is also critical for the environment. The US EPA estimates that as much as 40% of food is wasted, and with it, all the resources used in its production. Packaging plays a critical role in preventing this loss. When the food arrives looking and tasting great, it gets eaten and not wasted. Moreover, Anchor hot food packages are microwave safe, making them ideal for storing and reheating leftovers. They are also dishwasher safe, enabling convenient consumer reuse. Importantly, all of their products remain recyclable after use.

Many operators are painfully aware of the supply challenges of the past couple of years. Anchor Packaging is one of North America’s largest thermoform food packaging producers and a US-based manufacturer. This centrally located domestic manufacturing base gives restaurants security of supply and a short supply chain to practically all US foodservice distributors. In addition, since 2021, Anchor has invested heavily to boost manufacturing capacity by over 30%. As demand for better off-premise packaging continues to climb, Anchor is ready to serve this need.

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With almost six decades of experience, Anchor Packaging is ready to support restaurants as the consumer and industry continue to change. Their focus on value-add product solutions and high production standards have earned them a reputation for quality across foodservice channels. But, of course, the best way to understand the advantage that Anchor products provide would be to test and taste the difference. Go to to request free samples today.