Deborah Fox – a Healthy Inspiration

We all understand how food has made us who we are today and how it shapes our future.

Deborah Fox – a Healthy InspirationDeborah Fox is the writer of the healthy nutrition series: “Easy healthy breakfasts“, “Simple meals for work“, “Simple meals for school“, “Special meals for outings“, “The art of basic food“, and “My secret“.

Her nutrition book series is dedicated to her mom, who succumbed to metastatic cancer after a brave long battle. That is the reason why she dedicates 10% of all proceeds from the entire series to help fight cancer all over the world.
All her nutrition books are based on combination of healthy food nutrition principles with inspiration of Mediterranean cuisine which is colorful, fresh, varied, nutrient, rich and delicious.

Deborah: “There is no need to count calories just be aware of the quantity and quality of the food you eat.  If the majority of our nutrition consists of high quality food, exceptions won’t change anything.
It’s not diet! Healthy nutrition is a way of life. When you get used to it, you just can’t go back, it reflects all your life areas, you just wonder how you could ignore your own body for so many years”.
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