Desserts That Matter Brings Unique Flavors to New York

Desserts That Matter Brings Unique Flavors to New York   Remember when you were a little kid and begged your parents for a homemade ice cream maker? (Or was that just me because I grew up in Florida?) Well in the case of Malcolm Stogo– who invented the cookies and cream flavor and chocolate-dipped waffle cone- his ideas for ice cream went a little further than satisfying a sweet tooth. Malcolm (CEO of Fal Foods USA – a subsidiary of Fal Holdings) is known as the “Godfather of Ice Cream,” having invented flavors and innovations for longer than most of us have been alive. But his latest creation, Desserts that Matter, a boutique ice cream manufacturer based in Astoria, Queens (photos below), serves a bigger purpose for New Yorkers.


Desserts That Matter Brings Unique Flavors to New YorkDesserts that Matter, serves the New York hospitality market with the highest quality, 100% all natural, frozen dessert including ice creams, sorbets and Italian gelato, in addition to custom flavors and popsicles. With over 50 unique product flavors and offerings, Desserts that Matter provides product to some of the most high-profile restaurants, hotels, caterers, etc. around the city, and they work with chefs to create custom flavors of gelatos and sorbets, even curating savory sorbet flavors in some instances. But while Stogo is known for inventing unique flavors, the underlying mission at the factory, is to provide a healthy-alternative for consumers to enjoy. Desserts that Matter uses no artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives so I guess it would be hard to imagine that some of their most flavor-filled products come in the form of a dairy-free and gluten-Desserts That Matter Brings Unique Flavors to New Yorkfree ice cream line called DF MAVENS.Dairy-Free is an increasingly growing trend as consumers switch to coconut, soy and almond-based ingredients, and Stogo is once again pioneering the movement to keep health at the forefront of his frozen desserts.