T.G. Baker’s new book, Diary of a Las Vegas Waitress, serves up a strong voice for the two
million plus underrepresented food servers employed in Las Vegas and around the country.
She is spreading awareness to the entire food nation of one hundred and fifty million foodies who
dine out every week. But this book isn’t just for foodies and food servers. It’s for anyone
exposed to cultural influences, which is everyone. Technology is the driving force that shapes
our culture for better or worse.


Society has never been more polarized than it is today, and it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

If ever there was a time to recommend a special of the day, this book is the red, white, and blue-
plate special Americans want to order. This diary reveals the cause, diagnosis, and remedy for
VIP Syndrome, a food server’s greatest occupational hazard and a pathogen that is spreading like
a virus. Learn the symptoms of VIP Syndrome, avoid becoming infected, and discover how to
cure it.


Amid the persisting Coronavirus, civil unrest, and a contentious political landscape, this
book delves into the hidden ingredients that have been thrown into the melting pot of society and
left to boil over into an unpalatable way of life. Everyone talks about the problem, but few
critically analyze it, explain it, or offer solutions.


This book accomplishes all these things by
providing an introspective and external examination of cultivation with a side of humor.

Author T.G. Baker practices enlightened dining and invites readers to become active participants. from both sides of the table. Enlightened
dining may become a permanent item on the menu and bake into the American psyche as
enlightened living.


Reserve your seat at a table where enlightened dining is practiced by reading Diary of a Las Vegas Waitress.


 Diary of a Las Vegas Waitress is available on Amazon
https://amzn.to/3T6tPRV, Barnes and Noble, https://bit.ly/40NyzNY, Apple Books
https://apple.co/3v0XEZL, Google Play https://bit.ly/48gln6R, or you can go to
https://www.diaryofalasvegaswaitress.com/buy to buy or learn more.


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