Disaronno International Launches New Line Extension in US with Disaronno Velvet

Disaronno, the world’s favorite Italian liqueur, is proud to announce the launch of Disaronno Velvet, the iconic brand’s latest innovation to the liquer category. Incredibly smooth, Velvet boasts the floral character of almonds with nuances of chocolate and vanilla. Velvet is the a perfect choice for those who love sophisticated cream liqueurs.

Born in Saronno, Italy in 1525, Disaronno is one of the oldest Italian spirits brands and known for its distinctive bottle design made of a special faceted glass crafted in Murano, topped with the inimitable square cap. Disaronno Velvet features the same design and cap in a sleek white for an ultra-premium look.

“Disaronno continues to represent quality and authenticity in the liqueur category. With the launch of Disaronno Velvet, we are excited to bring innovation to the core of our company,” said Ray Stoughton, Executive Vice President of Disaronno International. “We aim to reinvigorate the category and attract new consumers to the brand.” Blending the unique flavor of Disaronno and the richness of a velvety cream, Disaronno Velvet is best served over ice, or to add a touch of Italian elegance to your favorite cream cocktails. Available nationwide this April, Disaronno Velvet is glueten free with a standard retail price of $29.99 and 17% ABV.

DISARONNO® Disaronno is the world’s favorite Italian liqueur. Featuring an original taste and unmistakable aroma, it stands out on the world stage with distribution in more than 160 countries. The Disaronno bottle has a unique design and a cap, which lends elegance and modernity, embellished with a golden label that enhances its contemporary style. Disaronno is a pleasure to enjoy on the rocks as well as in its various mixed drinks, including the new Disaronno Fizz. Recognizable and versatile, it makes every cocktail one of a kind.