Dole Makes Appealing Offer to Banana Sticker Collector

Dole Food Company, one of the world’s largest banana suppliers, is congratulating one of the world’s foremost collectors of banana stickers with a shipment of collectable DOLE® Banana stickers from the past and a promise to send samples of the billions of new-design stickers it prints annually.
Becky Martz of Orlando received national attention last week for her 21,000-banana sticker collection that is thought to be the world’s largest. She said she got the idea for her hobby from a country-specific sticker she saw on a DOLE Banana in 1991.

“I’m thankful to Dole for unofficially introducing me to collecting labels (or stickers as some call them) almost 30 years ago,” said Martz. “The great thing about collecting is that anyone can do it. It’s a great hobby for people of all ages. And they are free when you buy the banana! Most people are happy to save banana labels for you. You can go small and collect only labels from the bananas you eat or go big and contact other collectors (like me!) to trade duplicates.”

As the leading global supplier of bananas, Dole prints and distributes billions of banana stickers annually, including both generic stickers featuring the ubiquitous DOLE logo and country of origin, and limited-edition stickers promoting the company’s healthy-living initiatives and nutritional partnerships.
“Banana stickers have evolved from a simple branding device to miniature works of art that can bring a smile to your face or even do something practical like tracking your banana’s origins back to the farm — so it’s not an exaggeration to say they are at the heart of Dole,” said Bil Goldfield, Dole’s director of communications. “We’re delighted to support another banana (and banana sticker) fan by adding to her collection, both now and in the future.”

Included in the first batch of stickers being sent to Martz are collectable 20-sticker sets honoring Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary in 2018 and the 2019 release of Disney’s Frozen 2 as part of Dole’s multiyear nutritional alliance with The Walt Disney Company.

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