Drinking Beer the Proper Way

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world, yet the vast majority of people mistakenly disregard the finer details of drinking beer. Much like with wine, there is a proper way to drink beer, and there is much more to this simple cold beverage than yo. Here are some ways to maximize your beer-drinking experience.


What Is Beer?

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is produced by extracting raw materials through the processes of boiling and fermenting. Most beer is composed of malt, barley, hops, and yeast. Beer has been produced even before 6000 BCE, which is a testament to the rich history this beverage has. Many cultures in the world have their own iteration of beer, which is also the reason behind the vast selection of choices.


Choose Your Container Wisely

There are three general types of beer containers, and each of these types will vary in terms of preserving the freshness and flavor of the beer:

Keg – Beer is best stored in a pressurized keg or draft because they are likely consumed quickly and replaced often. This means that the beer in the keg is almost always as fresh as it probably will ever be. Kegs shield beer from both air and light, both of which can affect the taste of the beverage.

Bottle – Bottled beer may be aesthetically pleasing, but it’s important to avoid beer that’s stored in clear glass bottles. Even when the beer is definitely safe from air, the clear glass still allows light to affect the beer, which causes the beverage to lose some of its freshness.

Can – Cans are better for storing beer than clear glass bottles, as they ensure that the beer isn’t exposed to light. Cans are also pressurized with carbon dioxide, which helps preserve freshness, much like with kegs. The only difference is that canned beers sit in shelves for a longer period, while the beer in kegs is almost always replaced. Beer stored in kegs will almost always taste better than beer stored in cans due to their freshness.


Choose the Type of Beer That Suits Your Taste

There are many different types of beer, and not all of them are to everyone’s liking. If you don’t like beer, it may be because you haven’t found the type that suits your taste.

Ales are darker than most beers, and have a strong, fruity flavor with a pronounced bitterness due to the increased amount of  hops and its quick fermentation. This is also why ales have a higher alcohol content.

Lagers are clearer and lighter in appearance than ales. They also have a sweet, crisp taste which can be attributed to the high sugar content created by the slow fermentation process lagers undergo. Heineken is a popular example of a lager.

Porters are almost black in color because of the use of brown malt. Porters are among the first beers to be brewed. Guinness is a good example of  a porter.


Store, Serve, and Sip Properly

Even after you’ve discovered a beer that suits your taste, there are still a few measures you can take to further improve your beer-drinking experience. Proper storage, service, and consumption are key to maximizing your experience. In addition to the factors of air and light, bear in mind that storing beer in a refrigerator will also affect its taste. For best results, only store beer in the fridge 10 minutes before consuming to cool it.

To serve beer, pour it into the center of a glass at about an inch above the glass. You’ll get the carbonation of the beer, which creates foam. If you’d rather do without the carbonation, it’s best to use a frosted glass, though the foam is a matter of preference. Some people like it, while other people would rather enjoy their beer without.

The best way to enjoy a beer is to take small sips and to savor the flavor, though this depends on the context of your environment. If you’re at a laid back bar, making conversation with companions, take small sips. If you’re at an upbeat event such as a college frat party, you may drink your beer however you wish. You can even get creative and drink beer from a snorkel bucket hat.


Beer holds a long history that dates back to ancient civilization. It is a beverage that remains popular, even today.