DS Smith Plastics’ Hurbanovo Introduces AkyPak® Advanced with Improved Textile & Metal Locking System

The combination of AkyPak® Container Systems and textile is versatile in nature. Adding safety features to this combination makes this option an efficient and safe logistics solution for transporting sensitive car parts.

For years DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products have been providing customers with custom packaging solutions that improve operational and logistics efficiencies. Not surprisingly, when a major car producer requested to include a dust lock cover on the textile to an order of bulk containers, their group of designers stood-up to the task and came up a feasible solution. The final product is a dust-lock cover dual functioning as a door.

This custom solution has the goods placed horizontally into the container and a front loading and unloading door that further improves shop-floor operators’ efficiencies. The locking system is an attached to the front textile door.

For more information about DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products Custom solutions for transport packaging dssmith.com/corrugated-plastics-solutions/offering/dividers-dunnage.